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URI Outreach Center
Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy Program at the URI Outreach Center

Energy challenges are now at the forefront of politics, economics and research in the state, the nation and the world. As an institution with strong research and outreach capabilities, the University of Rhode Island is uniquely positioned to develop locally based solutions to these global challenges. The URI Outreach Center established its Sustainable Energy Program to develop and implement locally-based solutions to global energy challenges by partnering with local, state, regional and national decision-makers, energy providers, nonprofits and the business community while training and engaging students.

This website not only provides information and updates on our energy programs, projects and events, but it is also a resource for the Rhode Island community. Our Resources section has links to a wealth of information on energy efficiency and renewable energy for homeowners, business owners, municipalities, educators and more with a focus on Rhode Island.

The Sustainable Energy Program provides timely, neutral analytics and technical assistance in energy efficiency and renewable energy to municipalities, state agencies and other organizations. It also houses and works closely with the Ocean State Clean Cities Coalition, a government-industry partnership designed to reduce petroleum consumption in the transportation sector.

Rhode Island Renewable Energy Siting Partnership Launches:

In order to sustain this capacity for promoting data-driven energy decision-making, the Rhode Island Renewable Energy Siting Partnership (RESP) has developed the first Rhode Island-specific website housing energy data, resource mapping and siting tools, and information for citizens, businesses, and government officials.

This energy information clearinghouse is called

By providing Rhode Island decision-makers and communities with easy access to a centralized source of energy information, will pave the way for the Ocean State to capture a smarter and brighter energy future.