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URI Outreach Center

URI Master Gardener Hotline

Gardening & Environmental Questions

The URI Master Gardener Hotline addresses the everyday (and not so everyday) problems encountered by gardeners. It is staffed by trained URI Master Gardeners who have completed rigorous program requirements and have communally docked tens of thousands of volunteer hours working in gardens, answering landscape and environmental questions over the phone, through email and in person at numerous horticultural and environmental events.

The hotline creates an open venue for anyone interested in gardening and gardening related activities. The vast knowledge of the URI Master Gardeners is backed by the University's College of Environmental and Life Sciences' research faculty, allowing for our call center operators to answer your questions with the latest and most pertinent information. If a Master Gardener is unable to answer your questions, you can be assured that they will direct you to other resources.

Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday (March through October)
9:00am - 2:00pm

(toll free in RI; please dial the '1')


If possible, please attach a digital photo to the email and be as specific as possible at all times with your questions. This is helpful to us when trying to identify plants or pests.