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Pesticide Applicator Training

The pesticide program is a comprehensive training program that provides environmentally safe pest management information to individuals engaging in private business, farming enterprises, municipalities and state government concerning the principles. The program provides current research based pest management information. The program also focuses on occupational safety for the pesticide applicator.

Many groups require a pesticide license for their profession.
Some of the professionals trained are:

  • Green Industry Professionals (sod growers, landscape professionals, arborists, golf course superintendants, and suppliers of agricultural and non-agricultural products)
  • Farmers ( greenhouse, turf, nursery, livestock, tree fruits, vegetables)
  • Right of Way Professionals that maintain weed free zones for public safety (highway visibility, utilities, rail roads, power stations, etc.)
  • Structural Pest Management Professionals (home inspectors for real estate transactions, termite and other wood destroying pest training)
  • Public Health Professions (mosquito, tick, rodent, biting flies and other health threats for state government employees, private firms, and educators)
  • Pest Control Operators (PCO's): (indoor pest control, food industry managers)
  • School IPM Professionals. (Licensing is required for treatment around schools)
  • Marine vessel and marina maintenance personnel using TBT.
  • Aquatic weed management professionals for invasive plant and pond weed management.

Pesticide Applicators License Types:

  • Private Certification: if you produce an agricultural commodity such as vegetable, fruit, turf or nursery and apply "restricted use" pesticides to control pests.
  • Commercial License: if you work for hire applying "general use" pesticides to control pests.
  • Commercial Certification: if you work for hire and apply "restricted use" pesticides to control pests.
  • Pesticide Dealer: if you sell "restricted use" pesticides.

Current Pesticide Safety & IPM Training Schedule



Dr. Steve Alm and Margaret Siligato