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URI Outreach Center

Learning Landscape Program

Greenshare Garden School Day

April 3, 2010
8:30am - 4:00pm
Pre-registration extended until March 31st

Registration Form (PDF)

This year's classes at the RWP Botanical Center will focus on sustainable methods of growing food in your own backyard! Growing food is fun, but is also a great way to save money* and keep you & the environment healthy.

Two family classes will be offered for children ages 6-12 that will be hands-on, informative, and a gerat way to connect them to the natural world!

Family Classes

Family classes are for 1 adult and 1 child, age 6-12.
The child must be accompanied by parent or guardian at all times while attending class.

"Bucket Gardening"
Priscilla Purinton - RI Begonia Society
A hands-on class focused on understanding where our food comes from and how to grow it! Students will leave with a container full of edible plants to raise at home.

"Carniverous Plants"
New England Carniverous Plan Society
Learn how these amazing plants have evolved to trap insects and even small animals.

Ask a Master Gardener
Ask a Master Composer
RI Begonia Society
The Worm Ladies
RI Water Lady (rain barrels)
RI Rose Society
NE Carniverous Plant Society
RI Wild Plant Society

"Nurturing the Organic Beauty"
Sharyn Iannuccilli - President, URI Master Gardeners
Roseanne Sherry-URI Master Gardener Program

Learn how to use sustainable methods to help keep your garden healthy and fruitful.

"Harvesting, Cooking & Preserving"
Frank Terranova - Johnson & Wales University
Take it from the host of NBC's "Cooking with Class"; home-grown food from backyard gardens saves money, tastes better and can be preserved for future use!

The RWP Botanical Center will be open to the public and wil host a variety of our partner groups to help answer those tricky gardening related questions!

Everyone should take advantage of our free soil testing provided by URI Master Gardeners. Simply bring a sample(s) of your soil in a plastic bag or container to the event. Soil testers will analyze samples throughout the day. URI's Learning Landscape program will provide a children's activity all day.

For more information contact Sejal Lanterman at or 401.874.4453.