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Learning Landscape Program

Resources: Programs & Partners

A great national resource for school garden programs is available at Garden ABC's.

Teachers will find plenty of tips about how to incorporate environmental and garden-related topics into their lesson plans in the URI Outreach Center idea guide: Learning from Nature. They can even submit their own ideas and lesson plans to share with other educators.

Could you use Free Seeds for your classroom or community garden? The CELS Kathleen M. Mallon Outreach Center offers a program just for you!

Learn more about our partnership with the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center. Classes and tours are offered year-round.

Learning Landscape

"This trip far exceeded my expectation. The information brought to my students in two hours couldn't have been done in my own classroom...This trip was well organized and worth the time and money spent. I will definitely want to attend this trip again."

--Densie Phillips, First Grade Teacher from Harris Elementary, Woonsocket

- - -

"The Learning Landscape field trip program for our elementary group really did provide our students with great hands-on exploration of life science. Each child planted seeds and was then able to bring home their newly planted seeds and watch them grow with their family. It was not only a wonderful learning experience but also a very special treat for the students."

-- Kathleen Sullivan, 3rd grade teacher from Martin Luther King Elementary, Providence

- - -

"I learned some things too. Like worms have five hearts. That the little pine cones grow really big trees and that venus fly traps can only close five times. But I really liked feeling the animals' fur."

-- Cecielia, 1st grader from Westerly

- - -

"Every teacher should bring their class to the Learning Landscape".

-- Marie Lupino, 4th grade teacher from Stadium School, Cranston

- - -

"I loved learning about Venus fly traps. We had a great time. When can we come again? I learned that mammals can only have fur. The rabbit I saw was awesome! This was my best field trip ever!"

-- Max, 1st grader from Westerly

- - -

"This is the best field trip we have ever been on."

-- Holly Polhemus, 4th grade teacher from Vartan Gregorian Elementary, Providence