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Scenes from the Chinese Language Flagship Program


Xiaoyan Hu



Xiaoyan Hu is a Chinese Lecturer for the Chinese Language Flagship Program and the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures at URI. Prior to joining the Department, Hu Laoshi served as a Visiting Professor of Chinese through the Confucius Institute's partnership with Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. She has taught several courses in Chinese language and literature at URI, including CHN 421-422 Modern Chinese Literature, CHN 305-306 Flagship Advanced Multimedia Chinese, CHN 113-114, 215-216 & 315 in the Chinese Summer School, and CHN 101 Elementary Chinese at the URI Providence Campus. As a CI Instructor, Hu Laoshi also taught Chinese to elementary and middle school children in the local RI community.

Before coming to the U.S., Hu Lasohi worked for 4+ years as a Chinese Instructor for the Zhejiang University International College, where she taught novice to the intermediate level Chinese language and Medical Chinese courses to international students. In 2010, she received the "Excellent Instructor Award" at the 3rd Annual Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Students in China.

Ms. Hu's goal is to share the Chinese language and culture with eager students and assist them on their path to become global professionals, while continually expanding her own professional and academic career.

contact Information

243 Swan Hall

p: 401.874.2554