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Scenes from the Chinese Language Flagship Program


About Flagship

Click here for Fast Facts about the Chinese Language Flagship Program

1. What is the Chinese Language Flagship Program?

The Chinese Flagship program is an initiative of the U.S. government, designed to prepare a greater number of American students to be highly competent speakers of Chinese and highly familiar with the Chinese culture.

2. Is the Chinese Flagship program only at URI?

No, the Chinese Flagship program comprises a small, but prestigious group of universities who work closely together to achieve the high Flagship standards.  Other schools are Arizona State University, Brigham Young University, Hunter College (CUNY), Indiana University, San Francisco State University, The University of Mississippi, the University of Oregon, and Western Kentucky University.


3. Why should Americans learn Chinese?

Aside from the fact that bilingualism is a mark of an educated person in today’s global work place, there is a dire and growing need for Americans who can converse comfortably with their counterparts in China, whether at the political, social or business and technology levels.  China’s economy is enormous and represents a market at least four times the size of the U.S.


4. What is a Flagship Scholar?

Flagship Scholars are hard working and mature students of Chinese who meet a carefully defined level of proficiency by the end of the sophomore year, and who then qualify for financial support for an entire summer of language work in China, followed by an entire year of study and professional internship experience.


5. How can I become a Flagship Scholar?

If you are a high school senior (no prior study of Chiense necessary) or a URI student currently taking Chinese, apply now.  You will discover that this is a rigorous program, but that you will get lots of help along the way. The Flagship offers lots of tutoring outside the classroom and both winter and summer language immersion programs. 


6. Does the Flagship Program assure me of a job?

Flagship Scholars have a major along with the program, generally pointing to a particular type of career.  We urge Flagship Scholars to study engineering with Chinese (International Engineering Program) or business (International Business Program), or political science, or biotechnology.  Given the fact that most careers are global today, the combination of most given disciplines with proficiency in Chinese language and culture greatly enhance the potential for not only more job offers, but careers with leadership potential.


Attention High School Seniors

Admitted to URI:

Join the Chinese Flagship Program!

Applications now being accepted

for admission to the 2014 Cohort.

Live in the Chinese LLC in Hillside Hall

and work towards professional proficiency in Chinese!

Applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis, so Apply Today!

No prior knowledge of Chinese necessary!

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