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Scenes from the Chinese Language Flagship Program


Flagship Student Ambassadors

2013 - 2014


Mike Ferrari

Class of 2014


Rachel McAteer

Class of 2016


Jessica Andruzzi

Class of 2016

Professional Fields: Accounting & Chinese

Professional Fields: Biomedical Engineering & Chinese

Professional Fields: Global Business Management & Chinese, Minor in Chemistry
Hometown: Westport, MA
Hometown: Cranston, RI
Hometown: Chicago, IL


2012 - 2013

Eric Reels

Class of 2014


Rachael Adams

Class of 2015

Professional Fields: Anthropology, Chinese, & French

Professional Fields: Global Business

Studies & Chinese

Hometown: West Warwick, RI
Hometown: Scituate, RI

Role: Flagship Student Ambassadors represent the program in an engaged, professional manner to prospective students, company representatives, international delegations (i.e. from partner universities), alumni, and to the university and surrounding communities. Ambassadors also act as mentors/advisors for current students on campus and abroad.

Time Commitment: Flagship Student Ambassadors serve for one academic year and commit to attending several pre-determined recruiting events per semester, and to participating in on- and off-campus activities as your schedule allows.


  1. Open Houses in the fall
  2. Welcome Days: spring
  3. High school visits (at least 1 per semester)
  4. Chinese class visits (at least 2 in fall)
  5. Moon Festival, Chinese New Year
  6. Prospective student visits
  7. Welcome international delegations and company representatives

Communications: Student Ambassadors serve as resources for Chinese Flagship Program marketing and recruitment efforts, as well as for current students abroad, by sharing their program knowledge and experiences through various mediums: phone and email inquiries, newsletters, videos, study abroad handbooks, and digital and social media (blogging, Facebook, program website, etc.).


  1. Add leadership and community-building experience to your resume.
  2. Develop your professional communication skills.
  3. Network with prospective employers and future colleagues.
  4. Contribute to your program. (The success of the program you graduate from adds value to your degree.)
  5. Earn a $500 Scholarship for exemplary service upon completion of each semester at the discretion of the program directors.

Application: A call for applications is sent to Flagship Students at the end of each summer for the subsequent academic year.

more Information

For general inquiries, or to get started, please contact:

URI Chinese Flagship Program
TI House, 61 Upper College Rd.
Kingston, RI 02881