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Scenes from the Chinese Language Flagship Program


Student Profiles

Eric Reels

Professional Fields: Anthropology, Chinese, French
Hometown: West Warwick, Rhode Island
Activities/Affiliations: Sigma Chi Fraternity, URI Fencing Club

Why Chinese: I have a great interest in languages. I started French when I was eight years old and self-studied Japanese during High School. I felt that the next natural step was Chinese because not only is it an up and coming “hot spot” for multiple fields such as business and various sciences, but also because Japanese borrowed many of its characters from Classical Chinese.

Why Flagship: Flagship is one of the only programs that is proficiency-oriented. This means that the goal of the program itself is to teach its students to accurately and fluently use the language across all four major skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking). This differs from traditional degree programs in which accumulating enough credits gives you a degree, regardless of actual ability. To help this, the program has so many extra benefits for Flagship students such as tutors who not only help you with your class work but will help you learn interest-specific grammar and vocabulary. Finally, the biggest benefit is the scholarships available to Flagship students for study abroad to expedite their learning.

Career Goals: I want to earn a Ph.D in Anthropology to do research that can be applied international development for either non-profit organizations or the government.


Andrew Champagne

Professional Fields :  Biology & Chinese

Hometown:  North Smithfield, Rhode Island

Favorite Class at URI: Chinese

Most Helpful: Honestly, the entire staff has been great. Dr. Wen Xiong and Hu Laoshi are both fantastic teachers that are willing to push the students that have potential. Though not my teacher, Erin Papa was willing to work with me behind the scenes to allow for my experience in China to be a little extraordinary. As far as I am concerned, everyone involved in this program at URI deserves an award.

Why URI & Flagship?  It should be obvious. I did my research before coming here; I picked this school over other schools in the area because of the well organized and intensive Chinese program offerings. Other members of my family, my three siblings included, have gone abroad for studies, but none of them have had programs as streamlined and structured as this one. They all had visa and funding difficulties and various hoops to jump through. This program handles all of that for you.

Top 3 Favorite Things About the URI Area: 

  1. It is a thirty minute drive from downtown providence and a twenty minute
    bike ride from the beach.
  2. The air is fresh and the surroundings are green.
  3. Close to my family. Close to home. I need that at times. I'm a family person.

Ai Chang Guo

Professional Fields:  Fashion Merchandising & Chinese

Hometown:  Middletown, Rhode Island

Activities/Affiliations:  I am part of the Asian Students Association on campus. Being part of this club it allows me to interact with other Asian students that are on campus and I can meet many other people that are interested in Asian cultures as well.

Why Chinese?  I have always had a deep interest towards Asian cultures, especially Chinese, since I am Chinese myself.  I was born in China, but I grew up in America in a town where I am limited to interact with my culture.  Taking Chinese allows me to learn more about my culture and to learn the language that is being spoken by millions of people.

Career Goals:  In my future career, I would like to build upon the friendship between the United States and China. I would like citizens from these two powerful countries to understand more about one another so we can help one another whenever one is needed. As for my personal career goals, I am hoping that I will gain more knowledge about China’s culture and bring my speaking level to the highest level.



Rachael Adams

Professional Fields: Global Business and Chinese
Hometown: Scituate, Rhode Island

Activities & Affiliations: Student Ambassador for the Chinese Flagship Program, Honors Program, Intramural Sports referee, TI/IEP House Resident

Experience in China: This past summer I studied Chinese for a month in Hangzhou at Zhejiang University. Hangzhou is considered one of the most beautiful places in China. Once the capital of the Song dynasty it is a city that over-looks the West Lake, known in Chinese as Xihu. Our teachers were very interactive and encouraging. People were very friendly and it wasn’t an overwhelming city. My trip to China gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in the culture and language.

Most helpful: The Chinese Summer Immersion Program is the most helpful. You learn to understand the language outside of a textbook. Going abroad enabled me to use my Chinese. I was able to experience the language and culture.

Why URI and Flagship?: I chose URI because of its affordability. Not only is it affordable, but it also offers great opportunities. I joined Chinese Flagship because it helps me stand apart from other Global Business majors. The extra effort I put into my language learning through the Chinese Flagship Program helps me to effectively learn and use the language.

Top 3 Favorite things about URI:
1. Chinese Flagship
2. Scenic campus
3. Helpful faculty

Advice for Prospective Students: Like life, your education is what you make of it. Great opportunities only come once. Grasp the opportunities while they are still in front of you. Your future is built in this moment.



Joanna Ying

Professional Fields:  Biology & Chinese

Hometown: Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Activities/Affiliations: Asian Student Association

Why Chinese?
I wanted to reconnected with my roots and culture.  And I thought that by learning Chinese, not only would I learn the culture, I would also know another language and another point of view on world issues.

Career Goals:  I hope to major in both biology and chinese so that I may be able to conduct research in both countries, that way my choices are endless.



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