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Chinese sunset over the mountains

Summer 2013 Engineering Hybrid Course:

Manufacturing Processes and Systems

The URI Chinese Summer School is offering a special hybrid course for engineering students in spring/summer 2013 in cooperation with the Department of Mechanical, Industrial, and Systems Engineering and the internationally-acclaimed International Engineering Program.

ISE 240 Course Description:

Introduction to a wide variety of manufacturing processes. Basic facility layout and manufacturing system design, including material handling and lean principles. (Lec. 3). 

Special emphasis will be given to manufacturing in China, and to manufacturing processes and systems observed during the factory visits.

Instructor: Dr. Manbir Sodhi, Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Course Format:

The first part of the course will be offered online beginning April 15, 2013 on Sakai using an online meeting arrangement. The second meeting will be on April 29th. There will be two meetings in May and another two meetings in June before the two weeks of factory visits in China.

Online quizzes will be given in May and in June, and a mid-term exam and a final (both online) will be administered in June and at the conclusion of the course in July.

Download the flyer here.

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CSS 2010 students at the World Expo in Shanghai

CSS 2010 students in Boston's Chinatown