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Session I at URI:  May 19 - June 13, 2013

For FAQs on Session II in China Click Here.


I don't have 8 weeks in the summer. Can I come for a shorter period of time?

Yes.  The Chinese Summer School is an eight-week program, consisting of two four-week sessions.  While most participants take the entire eight weeks, it is also possible to attend only the first of the two four-week sessions.
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Do I have to live at the Chinese Summer School?

Yes. Our program is a learning community and the learning outside the classroom is an integral part of the program. This is an immersion program and activities go on throughout the afternoon and evening in the house.
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Can I take other university courses at the same time or work part-time?

No. You are completing two semesters' worth of language work in eight weeks. The program is very intensive and requires your full attention.
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I want to go to China next year. How much will this help me?

A lot. Many of our participants are actively preparing for an overseas stay. We have found that learners make great strides in communicating in Chinese, because of the Chinese-only environment and the intensive instruction.

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Where is Kingston, Rhode Island and how do I get there?

It's about three hours from New York and 1 1/2 hours from Boston. Kingston is on Amtrak's New York - Boston line. You can reach the campus by car from I-95, Exit 3 (in Rhode Island). The nearest airport is Providence, RI with direct bus service to the campus. The Providence airport is served by most major US airlines, including discount carrier Southwest Airlines.
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When should I arrive?

You should plan to arrive on Sunday, May 19 in the afternoon.  The first session ends late on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 12.  Departure to China is scheduled for June 14, 2013. 
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Do I need a car?

While it is certainly a convenience to have one, it is not a must. The instruction and all activities take place on campus. A small shopping center is within walking distance. Public bus service is available to the beach, to Providence and Newport.
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How much does it cost?

The fees covering room (double occupancy), meals at URI, registration, tuition and cultural activities can be found on the costs page.
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I'm not sure what courses to sign up for.

The course(s) you write on the application form are tentative. We take great care in making sure you are placed in the level which is best for you. All participants except true beginners take a placement test at the beginning of the program and we follow up with a brief oral interview if necessary.
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How many participants are in the program?

In past years our program has had about thirty participants. Class size is small, generally between eight and fifteen.
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What are the facilities like?

The home of the Chinese Summer School is the University of Rhode Island's Heidi Kirk Duffy Center for International Engineering Education. The center consists of two buildings, the TI (Texas Instruments) House and the IEP House, located side by side. It features a dining room, study areas, a media/library room, a recreational room and student rooms. All student rooms are air-conditioned and have a high-speed Internet connection. The core instruction will be held in nearby campus buildings.
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For answers to frequently asked questions about the China portion of the Chinese Summer School: