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            Scoring Key for Proficiency Goals (PG)
  Proficient    Mini-Proficient     Borderline    Non-Proficient       
               Scoring Key for Error Factors (EF) 
                 0 = Not an error factor
                 1 = Occasional error factor (less than 15%)
                 2 = Consistent error factor (more than 15%)

PG-1_____Vowels and diphthongs are clearly and accurately cued
with correct speech synchronization.
2-2 EF-A_____Fingers occlude lips while cueing.
1-2 EF-B_____Fingers curve inward for throat position.
1-2 EF-C_____Side position to far away from face and too high____
or too low_____. Throat position too low_____.
2-2 EF-D_____Extraneous hand movements affect clarity of cues.
5-6 EF-E_____Vowel positions incorrect (list)_________________.
3-4 EF-F_____For side vowels forward motion for /ah/ and /oh/ or
downward movement for /uh/ is incorrect or unclear.
3-4 EF-G_____Diphthongs inaccurately cued (list):______________
3-4 EF-H_____Vowel/hand synchronization is imprecise:
Hand position ahead of spoken vowels or diphthongs.______
Hand position delayed for vowels or diphthongs.__________
3-4 EF-I_____Regional dialect differences require resolution of
certain positions (e.g., "spa," "spot," "law").

PG-2_____Consonants in syllables are accurately cued in initial

and final positions with correct speech synchronization.
5-6 EF-A_____Handshapes incorrect for certain consonants (list):
......EF-B_____Errors involving handshapes 2 and 7 are present.
......EF-C_____Errors involving handshapes 2 and 3 are present.
......EF-D_____Errors involving handshapes 4 and 5 are present.
......EF-E_____Errors involving handshapes 2 and 8 are present.
......EF-F_____Errors involving handshapes 4 and 7 are present.
......EF-G_____Other errors between handshapes (list):______________
5-6 EF-H_____Initial and final consonant clusters are labored and
poorly synchronized.
......EF-I_____Cueing practice for initial consonant clusters advised.
......EF-J_____Cueing practice for final consonant clusters advised.

PG-3_____Multi-syllable words and short phrases are cued accurately with

appropriate liaison between final consonants and initial vowels.
5-6 EF-A_____Handshape or position effors present (list):____________.
4-5 EF-B_____Liaison omitted between syllables where appropriate.
4-6 EF-C_____Spoken syllables/cue movements poorly synchronized.

PG-4_____Visual speech movements support cues with maximum clarity for

speech reading.
3-4 EF-A_____Lip and tongue movements lack visual clarity.
2-4 EF-B_____Vertical jaw movements are exaggerated during speech.
2-4 EF-C_____Facial mannerisms interfere with clarity of speech signal
2-4 EF-D_____Facial expressions are non-supportive of word/phrase meanings.

PG-5_____Speech rhythms and rate (with cueing) are appropriate for the oral

communication demands of deliberate discourse
___ EF-A_____Time required for 60 syllable narration exceeds_____secs.
3-4 EF-B_____Phrases within oral utterances are halting and choppy.
3-4 EF-C_____Stress (accent) patterns are visually inconsistent with the
demands of oral discourse: weak-form words ("a," "an," "the,"
"of," "to," etc. and unaccented syllables are given equal stress.


(Error factors without weighted scores are for diagnostic purposes.)
Proficient    Mini-Proficient     Borderline    Non-Proficient


Copyright @ by Walter J. Beaupre

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