uncle /uhngkul/ UHNG kul [5-s/d,8-s,2-s/d,6-s]
under /uhndur/ UHN dur [5-s/d,4-s,1-m] UHN du [1-s/d]
understand /uhndurstand/ UHN dur STAND [5-s/d,4-s,1-m,3-s,5-t,4-s,1-s] UHN du STAND [1-s/d]
understood /uhndurstood/ UHN dur STOOD [5-s/d.4-s,1-m,3-s,5-t,1-s] UHN du STOOD [1-s/d]
until /until/ un TIL [5-s/d,4-s,5-t,6-s]
up /uhp/ UHP [5-s/d,1-s] up (weak form) 5-s/d,1-s]
upon /upahn/ u PAHN [5-s/d,1-s/f,4-s] u PAWN [1-c,4-s]
us /uhs/ UHS [5-s/d,3-s] us (weak form) [5-s/d,3-s]
use (verb) /yuez/ YUEZ [8-m,2-s]
use (noun) /yues/ YUES [8-c,3-s]
usual /yuezhooul/ YUE zhoo ul [8-c,1t,5-s/d,6-s] YUE zhul [8-c,1-s/d,6-s] YUE zhu wul [1-s/d,6-s/d,6-s]

valley /vali/ VA li [2-t,6-t] VA lee [6-m]
value /valyue/ VAL yue [2-t,6-s,8-c]
various /varius/ VA ri us [2-t,3-t,5-s/d,3-s] VE ri us [2-c]
very /veri/ VE ri [2-c,3-t] VE ree [3-m] VE-U ri [2-c,5-s/d]
view /vyue/ VYUE [2-s,8-m]
visit /vizit/ VI zit [2-t,2-t,5-s] VI zut [2-s/d,5-s]
voice /vois/ VAW-IS [2-c,5-t,3-s] VOH is [2-s/f]

wagon /wagun/ WA gun [6-t,7-s/d,4-s] WA gin [7-t,4-s]
wait /wayt/ WE-IT [6-c,5-t,5-s]
walk /wawk/ WAWK [6-c,2-s]
wall /wawl/ WAWL [6-c,6-s]
want /wawnt/ 6-c,4-s,5-s]
war /wawr/ WAWR 6-c,3-s] WOHR [6-s/f,3-s] WAW [6-c]
warm /wawrm/ WAWRM [6-c,3-s,5-s] WAWM [6-c,5-s] WOHRM [6-s/f,3-s,5-s]
was /wuhz/ WUHZ [6-s/d,2-s] wuz (weak form) [6-s/d,2-s]
wash /wahsh/ WAHSH [6-s/f,6-s] WAWSH [6-c,6-s] WAWRSH [6-c,3-s,6-s]
watch /wahch/ 6-s/f,8-s] WAWCH [6-c,8-s]
water /wahtur/ WAH tur [6-s/f,5-m] WAW tur [6-c,5-m] WAH tu [5-s/d]
wave /wayv/ WE-IV [6-c,5-t,2-s]
way /way/ WE-I [6-c,5-t]
we /wee/ WEE [6-m] wi [6-t]
weak /week/ WEEK [6-m,2-s]
wear /wer/ WER [6-c,3-s] WE-IR [6-c,5-t,3-s] WE-I u [5-s/d] WAR [6-t,3-s]
weather /wethur/ WE thur [6-c,2-m] WE thu [2-s/d]
wedge /wej/ WEJ [6-c,7-s]
Wednesday /Wenzday/ WENZ de-i {6-c,4-s,2-s,1-c,5-t] WENZ di [1-t]
week /week/ WEEK 6-m.2-s]
weight /wayt/ WE-IT [6-c,5-t,5-s]
welcome /welkum/ WEL kum [6-c,6-s,2-s/d,5-s] WAL kum [6-t,6-s]
well /wel/ WEL [6-c,6-s] WA ul [6-t,5-s/d,6-s]
went /went/ WENT [6-c,4-s,5-s] WINT [6-t,4-s,5-s]
west /west/ WEST [6-c,3-s,5-s]
wet /wet/ WET [6-c,5-s]
what /whuht/ WHUHT [4-s/d,5-s] WUHT [6-s/d,5-s]
wheat /wheet/ WHEET [4-m,5-s] WEET [6-m,5-s]
wheel /wheel/ WHEEL [4-m,6-s] WEEL [6-m,6-s]
when /when/ WHEN [4-c,4-s] WEN [6-c,4-s]
where /wher/ WHER [4-c,3-s] WER [6-c,3-s] WHE u [4-c,5-s/d]
whether /whethur/ WHE thur [4-c,2-m] WE thur [6-c] WE thu [2-s/d]
which /which/ WHICH [4-t,8-s] WICH [6-t,8-s]
while /whiel/ WHAH-IL [4-s,5-t,6-s] WAH-IL [6-s,5-t,6-s] WHAHL [4-s/f,6-s]
white /whiet/ WHAH-IT [4-s,5-t,5-s] WHAHT [4-s/f,5-s]
whole /hohl/ HOHL [3-s/f,6-s]
whom /huem/ 3-c,5-s]
whose /huez/ HUEZ [3-c,2-s]
why /whie/ WHAH-I [4-s,5-t] WHAH [4-s/f] WAH-I [6-s,5-t]
wife /wief/ WAH-IF [6-s,5-t,5-s] WAHF [6-s/f,5-s]
wild /wield/ WAH-ILD [6-s,5-t,6-s,1-s] WAHLD [6-s/f,6-s,1-s]
will /wil/ WIL 6-t,6-s] WI ul [5-t,5-s/d,6-s] wul (weak form) 6-s/d,6-s]
win /win/ WIN [6-t,4-s] WI un [6-t,5-s/d,4-s]
wind /wind/ WIND [6-t,4-s,1-s] WAH-IND (verb) [6-s,5-t,4-s,1-s]
window /windoh/ WIN doh [6-t,4-s,1-s/f] WIN du [1-s/d] WIN dur [1-m]
wing /wing/ WING [6-t,8-s]
winter /wintur/ WIN tur [6-t,4-s,5-m] WIN tu [5-s/d]
wise /wiez/ WAH-IZ [6-s,5-t,2-s] WAHZ [6-s/f,2-s]
wish /wish/ WISH [6-t,6-s]
with /with/ WITH [6-t,2-s] WIXH [6-t,7-s]
within /within/ wi THIN [6-t,2-t,4-s] wi XHIN [7-t,4-s]
without /withowt/ wi THAH-OOT [6-t,2-s,5-t,5-s] wi THA-OOT [2-t,5-t,5-s] wi XHAH-OOT 7-s,5-t,5-s]
woman /woomun/ WOO mun [6-t,5-s/d,4-s]
women /wimin/ WI min [6-t,5-t,4-s]
won /wuhn/ WUHN [6-s/d,4-s]
wonder /wuhndur/ WUHN dur [6-s/d,4-s,1-m] WUHN du [1-s/d]
wood /wood/ WOOD [6-t,1-s]
word /wurd/ WURD [6-m,1-s] WUH-ID [6-s/d,5-t,1-s]
wore /wawr/ WAWR [6-c,3-s] WOHR [6-s/f,3-s] WOH u [6-s/f,5-s/d]
work /wurk/ WURK [6-m,2-s] WUH-IK [6-s/d,5-t,2-s]
world /wurld/ WURLD [6-m,6-s,1-s]
worn /wawrn/WAwRN [6-c,3-s,4-s] WOHRN [6-s/f,3-s,4-s]
worth /wurxh/ WURXH [6-m,7-s]
would /wood/ WOOD [6-t,1-s]
write /riet/ RAH-IT [3-s,5-t,5-s] RAHT [3-s/f,5-s]
written /writun/ RI tun [3-t,5-s/d,4-s] RIT'n [3-t,5-s,4-s]
wrong /rawng/ RAWNG [3-c,8-s]
wrote /roht/ 3-s/f,5-s]

yard /yahrd/ YAHRD [8-s/f,3-s,1-s] YAHD [8s/f,1-s] YAWRD [8-c,3-s,1-s]
year /yir/ YIR [8-t,3-s] YEER [8-m,3-s] YEE u [8-m 5-s/d]
yellow /yeloh/ YE loh 8-c,6-s/f] YUH loh [8-s/d,6-s/f] YE lur [6-m] YA lur [6-t] YE lu {5-s/d]
yes /yes. YES [8-c,3-s] YAS [8-t,3-s] YE u [8-c, 5-s/d] YUH [8-s/d] YUHP [8-s/d,1-s] E-I u [8-c,5-t,5-s/d]
yesterday /yesturday/ YES tur day [8-c,3-s,5-m,1-c,5-t] YES tu di [5-s/d,1-t]
yet /yet/ YET [8-c,5-s] YIT [8-t,5-s]
you /yue/ YUE [8-c] yoo (weak form) [8-t] yu [8-s/d]
young /yuhng/ YUHNG [8-s/d,8-s]
your /yawr/ YAWR [8-c,3-s] YOHR [8-s/f,3-s] YOH u [8-s/f,5-s/d] yur (weak form] [8-m] yu [8-s/d]

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