Each of the words printed below require that we cue with Handshape 1. Other handshapes will also be involved, and most of these words will be repeated in other lists where appropriate.

add        advance     afraid      airplane    already
and        appear      apple       April       around
attempt    bad         bed         behind      beside
beyond     bird        blood       board       body
bread      broad       build       building    captain
child      childhood   children    cloud       cold
company    complete    condition   consider    considerable
could      crowd       cup         daily       dance
dare       dark        date        daughter    day
dead       deal        dear        December    decide
deep       degree      delight     demand      desire
destroy    device      did         die         difference
different  difficult   dig         dinner      direct
discover   dish        distance    distant     divide
do         doctor      does        dog         dollar
done       don't       door        double      end
escape     except      expect      experience  explain
feed       field       fine        food        forward
found      Friday      friend      garden      glad
God        gold        good        goodbye     group
happy      hard        head        heard       held
help       hope        hold        husband     idea
important  include     indeed      industry    inside
instead    jump        keep        kept        kind
ladder     lady        land        lead        leader
led        lord        loud        mad         made
measure    method      middle      mind        modern
Monday     mud         need        needle      old
open       opinion     order       orderly     outside
page       paid        pain        paint       pair
part       partial     party       pass        past
pay        peace       people      perfect     perhaps
period     person      picture     pick        piece
place      plain       plan        plant       play
pleasant   pleasure    please      point       poor
position   possible    pot         power       prepare
present    president   press       pretty      price
probably   problem     produce     promise     proud
prove      public      pull        pure        push
put        read        ready       record      red
reply      report      ridden      ride        road
round      sad         said        Saturday    second
seed       separate    September   shade       ship
shop       should      shoulder    side        sleep
slept      sold        sound       space       speak
special    spend       spent       spoke       spot
spread     spring      stand       step        stood
stop       student     study       succeed     sudden
Sunday     supply      suppose     surprise    third
thousand   today       told        toward      trade
trip       Tuesday     under       understand  understood
up         upon        usual       Wednesday   wide
wild       wind        window      wonder      wood
word       world       would       yard        yesterday

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