Each of the words printed below require that we cue with Handshape 2. Other handshapes will also be involved, and most of these words will be repeated in other lists where appropriate.

above      act         action      advance    although
always     another      arms        arive      article
as         ask          back        bank       banker
basket     became       because     become     believe
bicycle    black        box         break      broke
broken     business     busy        cake       call
came       can          can't       captain    car
care       carry        case        catch      caught
cause      character    choose      circle     class
clean      clear        clock       close      cloth
clothes    cloud        coat        cold       college
color      compe        company     complete   condition
consider   considerable contain     continue   control
cook       cool         corn        corner     cost
could      count        country     course     cover
cross      cry          croud       cup        cut
dark       desire       device      difficult  direct
discover   divide       doctor      does       drink
drive      duck         dusk        easy       either
electric   electricity  equal       escape     even
evening    ever         every       except     expect
experience explain      fact        father     favor
five       fix          forever     further    gather
gave       gives        goes        govern     grave
has        have         heaven      heavy      hers
his        however      husband     include    increase
is         keep         kept        kill       kind
king       kiss         kitchen     lake       leave
like       likely       live        look       lose
love       make         mark        market     milk
mother     move         movement    Mrs.       music
neck       neither      nerve       news       never
o'clock    Octover      of          O.K.       other
over       perfect      pick        picture    pleasant
please     position     present     president  prove
public     quarter      queen       question   quick
quiet      raise        rather      realize    reason
receive    record       require     result     rise
river      rock         save        school     season
secpmd     serve        service     severa;    shake
sick       silver       six         size       smoke
speak      spoke        square      stick      stock
strike     succeed      success     suppose    surprise
take       taken        talk        than       thank
that       the          their       them       then
there      therefore    these       they       thick
think      this         those       though     thousand
together   took         travel      tries      Tuesday
twelve     uncle        use (verb)  valley     value
various    very         view        visit      voice
walk       was          wave        weak       weather
Wednesday  week         welcome     whether    whose
wise       with         within      without    work

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