Each of the words printed below require that we cue with Handshape 3. Other handshapes will also be involved, and most of these words will be repeated in other lists where appropriate.

advance      afraid      against     agree      air
airplane     almost      already     also       angry
answer       appear      April       are        arm
arms         army        arrive      around     art
article      ask         August      basket     before
behind       beside      best        bicycle    board
born         borrow      box         branch     bread
break        bridge      bright      bring      broad
broke        broken      brought     brown      bus
business     car         care        carry      case
cent         century     chair       chance     character
charge       childhood   children    cigarette  circle
city         class       clear       close(adj.)consider
considerable control     corn        corner     cost
country      course      cross       crowd      cry
dance        dare        dark        dear       December
decide       degree      desire      destroy    device
difference   direct      discover    distance   distant
door         dream       dress       dried      drink
drive        drop        dry         during     dusk
ear          east        effort      electric   electricity
else         escape      every       except     expect
experience   explain     face        fair       famous
fancy        far         farm        fast       fear
February     fence       fire        first      fix
floor        for         force       foreign    forest
forever      forget      form        fortieth   forty
forward      four        free        fresh      Friday
friend       from        front       fruit      garden
general      glass       glossary    grain      grave
gray         great       green       grew       group
grow         grown       guard       guess      had
hair         half        hall        hand       hang
happen       happy       hard        has        hat
have         he          head        health     hear
heard        heart       heat        heaven     heavy
height       held        hello       help       her
here         hers        high        hill       him
his          history     hit         hold       hole
home         hope        horse       hot        hour
house        how         however     human      hunger
hunt         hurry       hurt        husband    ice
important    increase    industry    inside     its
just         kiss        large       last       least
less         list        listen      lord       loss
lost         March       Mark        market     marry
master       material    miss        mister     more
morning      most        Mr.         Mrs.       must
near         nearly      necessary   next       nice
niece        nor         north       notice     office
once         or          order       orderly    our
outside      pair        part        partial    party
pass         past        peace       perhaps    period
person       piece       place       poor       possible
prepare      president   press       pretty     price
probable     problem     produce     proud      prove
pure         quarter     question    race       rain
raise        ran         rather      reach      read
ready        real        realize     reason     receive
record       red         remember    reply      report
require      rest        result      return     rich
ridden       ride        right       ring       rise
river        road        rock        roll       room
round        row         rule        run        rush
sad          safe        safety      said       sail
salt         same        sat         Saturday   save
saw          say         scene       school     sea
season       seat        second      see        seed
seem         seen        self        sell       sense
sent         separate    September   serve      service
set          settle      seven       several    share
shore        short       sick        side       sight
sign         silver      simple      since      sing
single       sister      six         size       sleep
slept        slow        small       smell      smoke
snow         so          soft        soil       sold
soldier      some        son         song       soon
sorry        sort        sound       south      space
speak        special     spend       spent      spoke
spot         spread      spring      square     stand
star         start       state       station    stay
step         stick       still       stock      stone
stood        stop        store       storm      story
straight     strange     stranger    stream     street
strength     strike      strong      student    study
subject      succeed     success     such       sudden
suffer       suit        summer      sun        Sunday
supply       suppose     sure        surprise   sweet
system       taste       tear        their      therefore
this         three       threw       through    throw
thrown       tomorrow    tore        toward     trade
train        training    travel      tree       tried
tries        trip        trouble     true       trust
try          understand  understood  us         use(n.)
various      very        voice       war        warm
wear         west        where       who        whole
whom         whose       wore        worn       write
written      wrong       wrote       yard       year
yes          yesterday   your

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