Each of the words printed below require that we cue with Handshape 4. Other handshapes will also be involved, and most of these words will be repeated in other lists where appropriate.

able      about      above        action     advance
again     against    airplane     alone      amount
an        and        animal       another    answer
any       around     aunt         baby       back
bad       bag        ball         bank       banker
basket    battle     bay          be         bean
been      before     began        begin      behind
being     believe    bell         belong     below
beside    best       better       between    beyond
bicycle   big        bird         black      blood
blow      blue       board        boat       body
bone      book       born         borrow     both
bottle    bottom     box          branch     bread
break     bridge     bright       bring      broad
broke     broken     brought      brown      bug
build     building   bujilt       burn       bus
business  busy       but          butter     buy
by        can        can't        captain    cent
century   chance     children     clean      company
condition consider   considerable contain    continue
control   corn       corner       count      country
dance     December   demand       difference different
dinner    distance   distant      done       don't
double    down       end          enemy      enjoy
enough    enter      even         evening    experience
explain   fancy      February     fence      fifteen
find      fine       finish       foreign    found
friend    front      gain         garden     general
gentle    gentleman  gone         goodbye    govern
grain     green      grown        gun        hand
happen    heaven     honor        human      hunt
husband   important  in           inch       include
increase  indeed     industry     inside     instead
into      iron       job          join       journey
June      kind       kitchen      knew       know
known     labor      land         learn      line
listen    lone       machine      man        manner
many      mean       member       men        million
mind      mine       minute       modern     Monday
money     month      moon         morning    mountain
movement  nail       name         nation     nature
near      nearly     necessary    neck       need
needle    neighbor   neither      nerve      never
new       news       next         nice       niece
night     nine       no           noise      none
noon      nor        north        nose       not
note      nothing    notice       November   now
number    object     ocean        October    often
on        once       one          only       open
opinion   own        pain         paint      person
plain     plan       plant        pleasant   point
position  possible   present      president  probable
problem   public     queen        question   rain
ran       reason     remember     return     ridden
round     run        scene        season     second
seen      sense      sent         September  seven
shine     shown      sign         since      snow
son       soon       sound        spend      spent
stand     station    stone        strange    stranger
student   subject    sudden       sun        Sunday
table     taken      ten          than       then
thin      thirteen   thousand     thrown     town
train     training   trouble      turn       twenty
under     understand understood   until      upon
wagon     want       Wednesday    went       what
wheat     wheel      when         where      whether
which     white      why          win        wind
window    winter     within       woman      women
won       wonder     worn         written

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