Each of the words printed below require that we cue with Handshape 5. Other handshapes will also be involved, and most of these words will be repeated in other lists where appropriate.

a          able       about      above       act
action     add        advance    afraid      after
again      against    age        ago         agree
air        airplane   all        allow       almost
alone      along      already    also        although
always     am         amount     an          and
anger      angry      animal     another     answer
any        appear     apple      April       are
arm        arms       army       around      arrive
art        article    as         ask         at
attempt    August     aunt       away        baby
basket     battle     bay        beauty      became
become     before     behind     beside      best
better     between    beyond     bicycle     boat
bottle     bottom     boy        break       bright
brought    brown      built      but         butter
buy        by         cake       came        can't
captain    case       caught     cent        character
chief      childhood  cigarette  city        cloud
coat       come       company    complete    contain
continue   cost       count      country     crowd
cry        cut        daily      date        daughter
desire     destroy    device     die         difference
different  difficult  direct     distance    distant
divide     doctor     don't      doubt       down
dream      dried      drive      dry         duty
each       ear        eearly     earth       east
easy       eat        edge       effort      egg
eight      either     electric   electricity else
end        enemy      English    enjoy       enough
enter      equal      escape     even        evening
ever       every      except     expect      experience
explain    eye        face       fact        fail
fair       fall       fancy      family      far
farm       fast       fat        father      favor
fear       February   feed       feel        feet
fell       fellow     felt       fence       few
field      fifteen    fifth      fifty       fight
figure     fill       find       fine        finger
finish     fire       firm       first       fish
fit        five       fix        flier       floor
flower     fly        follow     food        fool
foot       for        force      foreign     forest
forever    forget     form       fortieth    forty
forward    found      four       free        fresh
Friday     friend     from       front       fruit
full       further    future     gain        game
gate       gave       gentleman  get         gift
goodbye    got        grain      grave       great
guide      half       hat        heart       heat
height     high       him        history     hit
home       honor      hot        hour        house
how        however    human      hunt        hurry
hurt       I          ice        idea        if
ill        important  in         inch        include
increase   indeed     industry   inside      instead
into       iron       is         it          its
join       joy        July       jump        just
kept       kind       lady       lake        last
late       laugh      laughter   lay         least
left       let        letter     list        lie
life       lift       light      like        likely
line       list       little     live        lost
lot        lower      machine    mad         made
mail       make       man        manner      many
March      mark       market     marry       master
material   matter     may        mayor       me
mean       measure    meat       meet        meeting
member     men        met        method      middle
might      mile       milk       million     mind
mine       minute     miss       mister      modern
Monday     money      month      moon        more
morning    most       mother     mountain    mouth
move       movement   Mr.        Mrs.        much
mud        music      must       my          nail
name       nation     nature     neighbor    next
note       notice     November   now         number
object     ocean      o'clock    October     of
off        offer      office     often       oh
oil        O.K.       old        on          only
open       opinion    or         order       orderly
other      ought      our        out         outer
outside    over       own        page        paid
pain       paint      part       party       past
perfect    period     place      plain       plant
play       pleasant   point      pot         power
present    president  pretty     price       problem
promise    proud      put        quarter     quiet
race       rain       raise      realize     remember
reply      report     require    rest        result
return     ride       right      rise        room
round      safe       safety     sail        salt
same       sat        Saturday   save        say
seat       seem       self       sent        separate
September  set        settle     shade       shake
shine      shirt      short      shot        shout
side       sight      sign       simple      sister
size       small      smell      smoke       soft
soil       some       sort       sound       south
spent      spot       stand      star        start
state      station    stay       step        stick
still      stock      stone      stood       stop
store      storm      story      straight    strange
stranger   stream     street     strength    strike
strong     student    study      subject     suffer
suit       summer     Sunday     suffer      surprise
sweet      system     table      tail        take
taken      talk       tall       taste       teach
tear       tell       ten        that        them
therefore  they       thirteen   thought     thousand
tie        till       time       to          today
together   told       tomorrow   too         took
tore       touch      toward     town        trade
train      training   travel     tree        tried
tries      trip       trouble    true        trust
try        Tuesday    turn       twelve      twenty
two        uncle      under      understand  understood
until      up         upon       us          various
visit      voice      wait       want        warm
water      wave       way        Wednesday   weight
welcome    went       west       wet         what
wheat      while      white      when        why
wide       wife       wild       winter      wise
without    woman      women      write       written
wrote      yesterday  yet

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