Each of the words printed below require that we cue with Handshape 6. Other handshapes will also be involved, and most of these words will be repeated in other lists where appropriate.

able        action       airplane    all       allow
almost      alone        along       already     also
although    always       animal      apple       April
article     away         ball        battle      believe
bell        belong       below       between     bicycle
black       blood        blow        blue        bottle
build       building     built       call        child
childhood   children     circle      class       clean
clear       clock        close       cloth       clothes
cloud       cold         college     color       complete
condition   considerable control     cool        daily
deal        delight      difficult   dish        dollar
double      early        electric    electricity else
English     equal        explain     fail        fall
family      feel         fell        fellow      fool
field       fill         finish      fish        flier
floor       flower       fly         follow      fool
forward     fresh        full        general     gentle
gentleman   girl         glad        glass       glossary
gold        hall         health      held        hello
help        hill         hold        hole        ill
include     July         kill        labor       ladder
lady        lake         land        language    large
last        late         laugh       laughter    law
lay         lend         lrsfrt      lrstn       least
leave       led          left        leg         length
less        let          letter      liar        lie
life        lift         light       likr        likely
line        list         listen      little      live
lone        long         look        lord        lose
loss        lost         lot         loud        love
low         lower        machine     mail        material
middle      mile         milk        million     nail
nation      nearly       needle      ocean       o'clock
oil         old          once        one         only
orderly     partial      people      place       plain
plan        plant        play        pleasant    please
pleasure    position     possible    probable    problem
public      pull         push        quarter     queen
question    quick        quiet       real        realize
reply       require      result      roll        rule
rush        sail         salt        school      self
sell        settle       several     shade       shake
shall       share        she         shine       ship
shirt       shoe         shop        shore       short
shot        should       shoulder    shout       show
shown       silver       simple      sleep       slept
slow        small        smell       soil        sold
soldier     special      square      station     still
sugar       supply       sure        sweet       table
tail        tall         tell        till        told
travel      trouble      twelve      twenty      uncle
until       usual        value       valley      wagon
wait        walk         wall        want        war
warm        was          wash        watch       water
wave        way          we          weak        wear
weather     wedge        Wednesday   week        weight
welcome     well         went        were        west
wet         wheel        while       whole       wide
wife        wild         will        win         wind
window      wing         winter      wise        wish
with        within       without     woman       women
won         wonder       wood        word        wore
work        world        worn        worth       would

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