Each of the words printed below require that we cue with Handshape 7. Other handshapes will also be involved, and most of these words will be repeated in other lists where appropriate.

again      against     age        ago        agree
anger      August      bag        began      begin
big        both        bridge     bug        charge
cigarette  cloth       colege     degree     dig
dog        earth       egg        English    enjoy
fifth      figure      finger     forget     fortieth
gain       game        garden     gate       gather
gave       general     gentle     gentleman  get
gift       girl        give       glad       glass
glossary   go          God        goes       gold
gone       good        goodbye    got        govern
grain      grave       gray       great      green
grew       group       grow       grown      guard
guess      guide       gun        health     hunger
job        join        journey    joy        judge
July       jump        June       just       language
large      leg         length     method     month
mouth      north       nothing    object     page
single     soldier     south      strange    stranger
strength   subject     thank      thick      thin
thing      think       third      thirteen   tought
thousand   three       threw      through    throw
thrown     together    wagon      wedge      worth

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