PG-1: EF-E2

Although the vowel /uh/ (as in "buck" and the vowel /oo/ (as in "book") are acoustically very similar, American English does make a meaningful distinction between them. "Buck" [4-s/d,2-s] and "book" [4-t,2-s] must be cued with the vowels in two different positions. Cueing errors occur most often when cuers are mislead by English spelling of certain words. In the first few contrasting words for practice you probably won't be fooled by the spelling -- but watch out later on!

Cued at the SIDE                Cued at the THROAT
============================    =============================
"luck" [6-s/d,2-s]              "look" [6-t,2-s]
"tuck"                          "took"
"Huck"                          "hook"
"mud"                           "wood"
"shuck" [6-s/d,2-s]             "shook"
"knuckle" [4-s/d,2-s/d,6-s]     "nook" [4-t,2-s]
"truck"                         "rook"
"stud"                          "stood"
"rum"                           "room" [3-t,5-s](or
                                 /ruem/ [3-c,5-s])
"buggy"                         "boogie"
"cud"                           "could"
"blood"                         "good"
"flood"                         "would"
"Dutch"                         "Butch"
"pulp" [1-s/d,6-s,1-s]          "pulpit" [1-t,6-s,1-t,5-s]
"cousin" [2-s/d,2-s/d,4-s]      "bosom" [4-t,2-s/d,5-s]
"shrug"                         "sugar"
"subtle" [3-s/d,5-s/d,6-s)      "soot" [3-t,5-s]
"today" [5-s/d,1-c,5-t]         "today" [5-t,1-c,5-t]
"fun"                           "foot"
"dull"                          "full"
"putt"                          "put"
"brush"                         "brook"
"was" [6-s/d,2-s]               "wolf" [6-t,6-s,5-s]
"rush"                          "rookie"
"summer comes"                  "summa cum"                                 
"knuckle"                       "nook"
"baroque" [4-s/d,3-s/f,2-s]     "bureau" 4-s,8-t,3-s/f]
Use these practice sentences for carry-over of your new skills.

"I shouldn't duck cooking in the summer, but I do."
"Some paper is made from wood pulp."
"She comes from good blood lines."
"Doug had the luck of a rookie!"
"Our brook floods its banks every spring."
"That last good putt put him ahead."
"My cousin does good work in a dull job."
"His truck wouldn't budge from the mud."
"We were bosom buddies."
"Butch asked his barber for a Dutch cut."
"Funny money flooded the market."
"Sonny cleared the brush and left only good wood."

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