PG-2: EF-E

Handshape 2 for consonants /k/(as in "key"), /v/(as in "vow"), /z/(as in "zoo") and the voiced /th/(as in "though") is made with the index and middle fingers extended, the thumb hidden behind the palm, and the "ring" and little fingers also folded against the palm out of sight. Handshape 8 for consonants /y/(as in "you"), /ng/(as in "sing"), and /ch/(as in "chew") is made with the index and middle fingers spread to form a visual letter"V"; the thumb and other fingers are folded against the palm out of sight. If there is some visual confusion between cueing of 2 and 8, it is probably because your index and middle fingers are not spread open in the "V" configuration for 8, or the same fingers are not firmly approximated for 2. Another problem may be that you cue with the two fingers turned in toward the throat or chin -- thus partially obscuring the configuration.

Here are some simple contrasts to practice first. Work with a partner if possible who can monitor your cues for clarity. Otherwise, check your cueing in a mirror.

  "coke"[2-s/f,2-s]   "choke[8-s/f,2-s]
  "yoke"[8-s/f,2-s]   "cove"[2-s/f-2-s]
  "chalk"[8-c,2-s]    "cause"[2-c,2-s]
  "chest"             "vest"
  "then"              "yen"
  "wreck"             "wretch"[3-c,8-s]
  "cheese"            "these"
  "those"             "chose"
  "zoos"              "choose"
  "use"[8-c,2-s]      "cues"[2-s,8-c,2-s]
  "cat"               "chat"
  "yacht"             "caught"
  "much"              "muck"
  "teaser"            "teacher"
  "Beecher"           "beaver"
  "Bic"               "Bing"
  "brick"             "bring"
  "kick"              "king"
  "king"              "kink"[2-t,8-s,2-s]
  "cluck"             "clung"
  "Huck"              "hunk"
  "cues"              "chews"
  "breech"            "breeze"
  "rock"              "wrong"
  "sunk"              "sung"
  "cootie"            "cutie"
  "sing"              "sink"
  "kink"              "kings"
  "drink" "drank" "drunk" "sink" "sank" "sunk"
  "zinc"              "chink"
  "has'               "hang"
  "wick"              "witch"
  "pick"              "pitch"
Continue to keep handshapes 2 and 8 clearly distinctive in these practice phrases and sentences. Cue-and-say each of these exercise units slowly and deliberately at first. Repeat each unit until you can cue-and-say confidently, but never sacrifice clarity and precision to speed.

  "each of them"
  "as a young child"
  "You cover each of them with a blanket."
  "Watch the children swing."
  "Use those tongs to reach it."
  "Cat got your tongue?"
  "Do you like cheese cake?"
  "Have some crackers and cheese."
  "Yonkers is near New York City."
  "These are very young chicks."
  "Let's make a daisy chain."
  "You never play with matches."
  "I'm cooking your lunch now."
  "Each year you have a birthday."
  "Watch where you're going."
  "You're too young to drive a car."
  "Do those scratches sting?"
  "Yea! Richer than a king!"
  "Baby chickens are hatched from eggs."
  "I'm using Cued Speech."

Although the emphasis in this supplementary practice exercise was on clear visual distinction between handshapes 2 and 8, the words, phrases, and sentences included should also help to improve your general proficiency with Cued Speech.

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