To include in this manual practice materials for all conceivable handshape confusions wouldn't be feasible, because many of the possible substitutions tend to be merely random and infrequent errors. An additional practice session involving handshapes 1 and 6 could be helpful because of the possible manual confusion.

Handshape 1 for consonants /d/(as in "day"), /p/(as in "pie"), and /zh/ as in "azure") is made with the index finger extended while the thumb and other fingers are folded against the palm. The palm of the hand faces the cuer, as with all other handshapes. Handshape 6 for consonants /l/(as in "law"), /w/(as in "way"), and /sh/(as in "show") is made with the index finger and thumb extended at right angles, similar to the shape of the capital letter "L." Visual confusion may result if the thumb for 6 is not fully extended or slopes inward toward the cuer.

Practice the following pairs of words, making sure that the visual contrasts are clear. Monitor your cueing with a mirror or, better yet, with a cueing partner.

  "Lee"[6-m[      "pea"[1-m]     "purr"    "were"
  "peal"[1-m,6-s] "leap"[6-m,1-s]"deal"    "sheep"
  "pearl"         "word"         "Paul"    "pawed"
  "wed"           "well"         "shed"    "shell"
  "shoal"         "showed"       "dude"    "shoed"
  "mush"          "mud"          "clap"    "clash"
  "weighed"       "Dale"         "dasher"  "azure"
  "vision"        "fission"      "Asian"   "nation"
  "duration"      "Eurasian"     "station" "invasion"
  "polution"      "collusion"    "fusion"  "Lucien"
  "allusion"      "Aleutian"     "explosion""ocean"
  "treasure"      "pressure"     "shepherd""pepperd"
  "Zsa-Zsa"       "Sha-na-na"    "glazier" "glacier"

Now practice with some more difficult consonant blends and clusters.

  "plow"[1-s,6-s,5-t]   "plowed"[1-s,6-s,5-t,1-s]
  "plaid"[1-s,6-t,1-s]  "help"[3-c,6-s,1-s]
  "pulp"[1-s/d,6-s,1-s] "held"[3-c,6-s.1.s]
  "shield"[6-m,6-s,1-s] "walled"[6-c,6-s,1-s]
  "Walsh"[6-c,6-s,6-s]  "Welsh"[6-c,6-s,6-s]
  "Schwin"[6-s,6-t,4-s] "Schwartz"[6-s,6-c,3-s,
  "Schwepps"[4-s,4-c,         5-s,3-s]
      1-s,3-s]          "Shropshire"
  "rouged"[3-c,1-2,1-s] "paddle"
  "hurdle"              "shrimp"
  "Dwayne"              "dwindle"
  "apple"               "pleasure"
  "old"  "cold" "scold" "polled"
  "shelled"             "shrill"
  "called" "scald" "pooled" "poodle"
  "spelled"       "shuffled"[6-s/d,5-s,6-s,1-s]
  "explosion"  "waddle"  "maple"

Keeping the distinctiveness between 1 and 6 clear, try your hand with these phrases and sentences:

"nuclear fission"[4-c,2-s,6-t,5-m; V-t,6-s/d,4-s]
"soup du jour"/suep doo zhoor/[3-c,1-s; 1-t; 1-t,3-s]
"She has long eye lashes."
"She'll deal if you'll shuffle.
" "I have an aversion to shrimp salad."
"Russia pressured the Asian nations."
"We can all help to stop pollution."
"The shepherd treasured his sheep."
"Alicia had little leisure time."
"Show me Glacier National Park on the map."
"Shall I deal with the Division of Emission Control?"
"Dale Walsh has a new Schwin bike."
"Paul dropped the potato masher."

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