Cueing clusters of consonants initial to syllables with accuracy, clarity and close synchronization usually takes some extra practice. The following drills should help build proficiency with the more common consonant groups:
/proh/ 1. First cue-and-say /oh/[5-s/f]. Say and cue
          five times without stopping, synchronizing
          the hand cue with the word carefully.
       2. Then cue-and-say /roh/[3-s/f]. Five times
          without stopping, synchronizing carefully.
       3. Now cue-and-say /proh/[1-s,3-s/f]. Close your
          lips for the /p/ while making the handshape;
          then release the entire spoken word while you
          cue /roh/. Repeat five times without stopping.
Using the same three steps described above, practice these other clusters which first concentrate on the side position:

/broh/  1./oh/ 2./roh/ 3. /bro/ as in "broke"
/droh/  1./oh/ 2./4oh/ 3. /dro/ as in "drove"
/troh/  1./oh/ 2./roh/ 3. /tro/ as in "troll"
/stroh/ 1./roh/ 2./troh/ 3./stro/ in "stroke"
/groh/  1./roh/ 2./groh/ in "grow"
/kroh/  1./roh/ 2./kroh/ in "crow"
/skroh/ 1./roh/ 2./kroh/ 3./skroh in "scroll"
/skoh/  1./koh/ 2./skoh/ in "scope"
/stoh/  1./toh/ 2./stoh/ in "stow"
/bloh/  1./loh/ 2./bloh/ in "blow
Practice these clusters which also occur completely in the side cue position. Use the same steps as above:
/spah/  1./ah/  2./pah/ 3.spah/ in "spa"
/stah/ as in "star" "start" "stars" "starter" 
/brah/ as in "bra" "bravo!" "Brahms" 
/prah/ as in "Prague"
/bruh/ as in "brush" "brother" "brunt" "Brussels"
/stuh/ as in "stuff" "stuck" "stumble" "stub" "stud"
/truh/ as in "truck" "trust" "trouble" "truffle"
/struh/ in "struck" "strut" "strumming" 
/kruh/ as in "crush" "crumble" "crutch" "crust"
/druh/ as in "drum" "drug" "drudge" 
/pluh/ as in "plug" "plum" "pluck" "plunge"
/bluh/ as in "blood" "bluff" "bluster" "blush"
/kluh/ as in "clutch" "cluster" "cluck" "club"
/spuh/ as in "spud" "sputter" "spunk" "spun"
/spruh/ as in "sprung"
The following words require that all consonants be cued at the side positon because the diphthongs are cued side-throat. By this time it shouldn't be necessary to follow steps (1.) through (3.), but be sure to synchronize carefully as you say the words:

"pride" [1-s,3-s,5-t,1-s] "proud" "dry" "drown" "brow" "bright" "try" "trout" "grime" "growl" "cry" "crowd" "scribe" "sky" "scow" "sty" "stout" "spy" "spout" "blight" "blouse" "spry" "sprout"

Now that you feel more comfortable cueing all initial consonant clusters at the side when vowels (or diphthongs) are also at the side position, try the following contrasts: "blow" "blue" "bleak" "black" "block" "blur" "Blake"
"spoke" "speak" "spook" "Spock" "spic" "Spam" "speck" "spur"
"crow" "crew" "crock" "crack" "crick" "crook" "creak"
"grow" "grew" "green" "grass" "graph" "grit" "great" "gripe"
"stroke" "street" "straw" "strap" "strip" "stretch" "strike"
"plus" "please" "plum" "plate" "ply" "plan" "play" "plaid"
"flow" "flew" "flea" "flat" "flight" "flirt" "floss" "flubber"
"throw" "through" "three" "threat" "throng" "thrust" "thread"

Don't forget to practice these less common initial clusters with consonant plus /y/:

"you"[8-c] "beauty"[4-s,8-c,5-t] "few" "cue" "view" "music" and (when you pronounce it this way) "new"[4-s,8-c] "phew" "furious" "pure" "curious"/kyoorius/[2-s,8-t,3-t,5-s/d,3-s]

You may need additional practice with the /sm/ and /sn/ clusters"
"smoke" "smack" "smile" "small" "smart" "smirk" "snow? "snap" "Snoopy" "snore" "snare" "snout" "snail"

The /kw/ and /skw/ clusters may also be a problem because they are not very common. Practice these if you need to:
"quick"[2-s,6-t,2-s] "question" "quack" "quaint" "quantity" "quibble" "quality" "queen" "qualify" "squirt"[3-s,2-s,6-m,5-s] "squire" "square" "squirrel" "squash"

Your practice is paying off if you can now cue-and-say these sentences easily and quickly: "Phew! What a smell!"
"You broke your crayon.
"Please don't cry."
"See that black crow?"
"Quite a crowd here today!" "Daddy drives a truck."
"Wear your brown blouse."
"See that bright star?"
"Time to brush your teeth."
"You'll crush your flowers!"

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