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Meet the Author
Preface: 1984
Preface to Web Edition: 1997
Foreword by R. Orin Cornett
Introduction by the Author
Basic Cued Speech Proficiency Rating
BCSPR Profile Explained
Phonemic Spelling Guide

PG-1: Clear, Accurate Cueing of Vowels and Diphthongs

  • EF-A: Keeping Cues Away >From the Lips
  • EF-B: Practice Keeping the Fingers Straight
  • EF-C: Practice Cueing Closer to Lower Face
  • EF-D: Eliminating Extraneous Hand Movements,
  • EF-E1: Vowels of General American English
  • EF-E2: Contrasting Vowels /UH/ and /OO/
  • EF-F: Cue Movements With Side Vowels
  • EF-G: Cueing the Four Diphthongs: /ay/,/ie/,/ow/, and /oi/
  • EF-H: Synchronizing Cues With Vowels/Diphthongs
  • EF-I: Are You Consistently Cueing Your Own Dialect?
  • EF-J: Cueing Dialect Inventory
PG-2: Accurate, Fluent Cueing of Consonants in Syllables
  • EF-A: Getting Better Control of Consonant Handshapes
  • EF-B: Clear Distinctions Between Handshapes 2 and 7
  • EF-C: Clear Distinctions Between Handshapes 2 and 3
  • EF-D: Clear Distinctions Between Handshapes 4 and 5
  • EF-E: Clear Distinctions Between Handshapes 2 and 8
  • EF-F: Clear Distinctions Between Handshapes 4 and 8
  • EF-G: Clear Distinctions Between Handshapes 1 and 6
  • EF-H1: Synchronizing Initial Consonant Clusters
  • EF-H2: Synchronizing Cues With Final Consonant Clusters
  • EF-I: Practice for Consonants in Initial Clusters
  • EF-J: Practice Cueing Final Consonats in a Syllable
PG-3: Cueing Multisyllable Words and Phrases with Liaison
  • EF-A: Cueing Accuracy for Multisyllable Words and Phrases
  • EF-B: Carry-over of Final Consonants (Liaison)
  • EF-C: Synchronizing Cues in Phrases and Sentences
PG-4: Visual Speech Movements Supporting Cues
  • EF-A: Lip/Tongue Movements for Maximum Visual Clarity
  • EF-B: Practice Controlling Vertical Jaw Movement
  • EF-C: Eliminating Distracting Facial Mannerisms
  • EF-D: Facial Expressions Consistent with Meanings
PG-5: Developing Fluent Cued Speech
  • EF-A1: Sentences to Check (or Build) Cueing Speed
  • EF-A2: Practice Narratives to Check (or Build) Cueing Speed
  • EF-B: Eliminating Halting or Choppy Phrasing
  • EF-C: Varying the Stress in Phrases and Sentences
When English Spelling Affects Cueing
Some Rules About Plurals -- and Other /S/-/Z/ Problems
Cued Speech and Amplification
(Monthly Hearing Evaluation)
Nursery Rhyme Cue-Tips
Practice with the 99 Most Common Spoken Words
Practice with the 1000 Most Common Words Using "CS Guide to American Pronunciations of Common Words"
CS Guide to American Pronunciation of Common Words
Users' Forum
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