Preface to Web Edition

This World Wide Web edition of GCSP is the author's response to repeated requests for a second edition which would feature the same practice materials but in a more "user-friendly" format. To be candid, the "no frills" first edition was a noble attempt to publish a very specialized text in the 1980's that anyone could afford to purchase. So how could one get around the skyrocketing print and paper costs of the late 1990's? Simple. Ask the Academic Computer Center at the University of Rhode Island for space on its web server -- and GIVE it away! Well...there are limits: There are some changes in this 1997 Web edition:
  1. Page numbers haven given way to links which make getting around in the manual a breeze. Obviously you are into links -- or you wouldn't be here!
  2. Illustrations of cues have been added which are underneath the text for the clicking. We did it this way to allow readers "rapid transit" at all times. No waiting for "gif's" and "jpg's" unless you want to see them. And they have been kept small to save byte space. The only exception is the page of diphthongs. The author didn't have access to animation, so the dual cue images appear side-by-side. We're working on animation. Be patient!
  3. Solutions to some of the practice exercises are provided by just clicking on the word in question. Anything that is blue and underlined is a link to someplace else -- except the one just demonstrated.
  4. Practice materials for liaison have been expanded to meet the needs of many cuers who "flunked miserably" that section of the BCSPR.
  5. There will be a "Cued Speech Users Forum" which will report problems or special advantages which individuals have found when using this manual. It is not on line as yet, but please let us know how we can improve GCSP. The author expects to spend the next year correcting the mistakes that HE discovers. Nothing in the manual is "written in stone."
  6. There will be links and references to other Cued Speech resources including the N ational Cued Speech Association. However, those who live within driving distance of the Library Media Center at the University of Rhode Island should know that audiocassette lessons and a videotape demonstration of Cued Speech (along with "hard" copies of the 1984 GCSP) are available for use in the Center or on overnight loan.
This writer is indebted to many people for making this Web edition possible:

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