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Faculty and Staff

click here to pay with a credit card-if you pay by card you must also submit a registration form.


Saturday Morning Jazz Combo (8 weeks)..........$305
4 Hands Together Piano Class...........................$215
Guitar Ensemble................................................$150
Saturday Theory Class......................................$150

Private Lesson Rates for SPRING SESSION(April 28-June 30):

30 minute lesson with an undergraduate level teacher $18.50
30 minute lesson with a graduate level teacher $23.00
30 minute lesson with a faculty teacher $28.00

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $25 per session for each student who is taking lessons. ( Please note that the fee is already included in the rates in the table below).

45 minute and hour lessons are available by agreement with the teacher, and should be calulated according the the rates above (ie: $56 per hour faculty rate etc).
Use the chart below to calculate your payment for 30 minute lessons.

Note the week that you are beginning lessons on the chart and send in your form with the corresponding payment. Remember that lessons ARE scheduled during public school breaks. If you wish to take those weeks off, please pro-rate your payment and indicate that on your registration form

This private lesson rate chart INCLUDES the registration fee. All amounts are in US dollars

start week
# of lessons
284 347 417
265.50 324 389
247 301 361
228.50 278 333
210 255 305
April 28th
191.50 232 277
May 5th
173 209 249
May 12th
154.50 186 221
March 17th
136 163 193
March 24th
117.50 140 165
March 31st
99 117 137


The above rate table (for 30 minute lessons) INCLUDES the registration fee.

45 or 60 minute lessons can be requested and will be given if the teacher’s schedule will accommodate them.If you wish to have 45 minute or 60 minute lessons, use the per-lesson amounts above to calculate your payment and add the $25 registration fee. Please call the program office if you have any questions.

Family discount: If there is more than one family member taking lessons or classes, then only one registration fee need be paid. Also, if a student is taking more than one instrument or class per session, then only one registration fee should be paid per session( excluding camps) ( Please remember to deduct the $25 from the rates above!)
Payment plans are available -please call the office if you would like to arrange a payment plan.

Refunds or credits will be given only at the discretion of the Program Coordinator in cases of extended illness or other unusual circumstances. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Registration Policy for
private lessons

Once we have recieved your form and payment we will have a teacher contact you to schedule lessons. We will hold your check until lessons have been scheduled and return it to you if scheduling is impossible.

*Instruction may begin at any time during the session by pro-rating your payment according to the table on the Rates and Fees page