Chinese After School Program at BHS

Frequent Asked Questions

Chinese After School Program at BHS


What is this program?

This program, an extracurricular activity with language (70%) and culture (30%) integrated, is offered for students who are interested in Chinese language and culture, but have no background or experience in Chinese. This program is designed for the students to learn the basics of the language, practical communicative skills, and knowledge of Chinese culture.

Who can participate?

Any BHS student, who is interested in this program.

What will the student learn?

In language, the student is expected to learn:

Pinyin-Transcribing system in Chinese.

About 132 characters/phrases in the basic vocabulary.

11 lessons and 22 functional and situational dialogues.

44 useful patterns and about 20 communicative functions.

The basics about Chinese characters and the techniques and strategies to write 51 high frequency and multi-potency characters.

In culture, the student is expected to practice and learn:

The Chinese calligraphy and related cultural aspects.

Taiji Quan (Taiji boxing) and related cultural aspects.

Other hands-on activities: Pingpong, paper cutting, Chinese knots, making dumpling, etc.

What is the schedule?

The class meets 2:30 4:00, every Thursday afternoon. The whole program is divided into Session 1 and Session 2, and each session runs 6-8 weeks.

What rewards will the student have as a participant?

Access to books and A/V materials (in English and Chinese) at the URI Confucius Institute Library.

Invited to Chinese cultural celebrations or events at URI.

Optional new HSK test, an internationally standardized Chinese language proficiency test for non-native speakers.

A Certificate of Completion (upon successful completion of the program).

How will the student apply?

Fill out the application form (download),

  •              Priority will be given to 12-15 applicants.