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community, equity, and diversity

The CED Inclusion Project

The Community, Equity, and Diversity (CED) Inclusion Project strives to position the University of Rhode Island community to be welcoming and affirming. Our purpose is to create culturally competent citizens by building skills through ongoing, developmental educational opportunities. We honor the life-long process of learning in an effort to improve students' lives, campus climate, and our global society.

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Voices Carry: Embody the Change

Friday, February 28 at 8am-5pm
Memorial Union

'URI supports community through diversity' posterWe invite all URI faculty, staff, and students to the first Inclusion Project conference, which includes 14 diversity- and inclusion-related training opportunities throughout the day, addressing issues at URI and beyond.

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The CED Inclusion Project is led by a team of faculty and staff from around the URI campus and its core purpose is to provide training for the URI campus surrounding diversity and inclusion.

Learning Outcomes

    By engaging in the CED Inclusion Project, participants will be able to:

  1. Enhance understanding of cultural competence
  2. Be welcoming, inclusive, and affirming of differences
  3. Learn how to apply and act on transforming the campus community
  4. Identify personal, departmental, and institutional benefits to CED
  5. Learn new information, reform, and reintegrate new concepts and behavior
  6. Understand how we individually and collectively resist change and diversity work
  7. Understand and address personal biases and assumptions
  8. Know where and how to access resources and support for engagement in diversity work
  9. Learn about the critical aspects of power, privilege, and oppression and how they operate on various levels
  10. Describe how the workforce and student populations are changing
  11. Consider how our individual morals and values impact our approach to CED
  12. Engaging in ways to alter their own behavior to improve CED on campus
  13. Have the skills to implement a culturally competent approach to work every day