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20,000 Voices:

Exploring Big Questions About Community, Equity, and Diversity

Topics and Sub-Committees

Sub-Committee Topic Sub-Committee Contact(s)
Young & Mature Parents and Spouses: Who is Helping to Support Academic Life? Dana Behuniak (, Megan Payne (
Gender Inclusion on Campus Jen O'Neill (
Joe Mercadante (
Recruitment/Retention of Faculty/Staff who are Underrepresented Brianne Neptin (
Building Bridges on Campus Sarah Potrikus (
Erin Schnepp (
Multicultural Organization (Lack of) Funding Margarida DaGraca (
Will Frost (
How to Support the University to Recruit and Retain Students; Opportunities for multicultural students to attend URI in addition to Talent Development Brianna Saccucci (
RI Same Sex Marriage Considerations for Students, Faculty, & Staff John Cruz (
Neurodiveristy Abby Campbell (
Thomas Kelley (
What Role Can Fine Arts Play In Our Diverse Community? Emma Montague (
Ashley Malenfant (
How Do We Create An Inclusive Pedagogy? Aimee Lee (
Heather Miceli (

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Keynote Speaker: Liz Walker

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Topics and Subcommittees

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Our history includes a litany of powerful social justice movements that promote freedom, equality, and an inclusive multicultural society.

As we discover our history at the University of Rhode Island, it is our responsibility to acknowledge the work of our social change heroes, known and unknown, as we stand on their shoulders and build on their efforts to create a "beloved community," characterized by equity and inclusiveness.