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Emergency Notification System

URI EmergencyALERT

The University of Rhode Island uses an emergency notification system, URI EmergencyALERT, that allows news and instructions to be sent quickly to all members of the University community in the event of an emergency.

How you can participate

Providing current information is the best way to ensure that you will be reached in the event of an emergency. Please take a few minutes now to register or update your contact information. All information is secure and confidential.

If you haven't done so already, please:

1. Log onto eCampus to update your contact information.
Student eCampus
Faculty/Staff eCampus

2. If you don't remember your eCampus ID or password, contact the URI Help Desk, 874-4357

3. Once at eCampus, select the "URI Emergency Alert System" option from the lefthand menu, (as shown here), and follow the related links. Set your contact preferences in the recommended order listed below.

Best settings: what we've learned

Certainly, in an emergency, every second counts. So if you're already signed up, we suggest you adjust your settings to include text message, e-mail, and cell phone as preferences 1, 2, and 3 for contact.

  • Text is #1. The fastest, most direct method to receive messages is by text (SMS).
  • Email's #2. Ensure that your email address is correct. Even if you typically use a non-URI email address (like or, it's better to use your URI email for emergency notification. Non-URI emails may be delayed (the system may treat these messages as spam), so we urge you to use your URI email instead. It's easy to forward your URI email to another account, link here for help.
  • Cell Phone #3. Even if you don't have text message capability, cell phone transmission itself is quicker than land lines.
  • Land Line Telephone. Due to limited trunk line capacity, "land line" telephones are the slowest for message delivery systems.

Our pledge of confidentiality: Your emergency contact information is NOT included in the University's online or print directories. Data is stored in a completely different, secure database.

If there is an emergency affecting the University community, whether you live on campus, down-the-line, or anywhere off-site the URI EmergencyALERT notification system will keep participating community members informed.

Remember, to report an unsafe or emergency situation, call:

  • Campus police at 874-2121
  • Narragansett Police at 789-1011
  • South Kingstown Police at 783-3341

Emergency Numbers
On campus: 2121
Off campus: 874-2121
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Sign up for EmergencyALERT

Public Safety

The Bottom Line

How to find out what to do in the event of an emergency:

  • Sign up on e-Campus for the URI EmergencyAlert system
  • URI's Home page, Facebook page and Twitter feed
  • Call 874-SNOW (7669) or 874-1000 for recorded messages
  • Or listen to a local radio/TV station for announcements.