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URIEMS- 1192

Community Involvement

BoothAs a nonprofit community service-oriented organization, we value every opportunity to be involved in the community. On top of the valuable services we provide, we are involved in many other ways, such as:

  • Adopt-A-Highway. URI EMS has adopted a two-mile section of Route 138 from Upper College Rd east.
  • Opportunities for school groups. Area schools can request a tailored field trip to our Headquarters to provide a unique way of learning about EMS, public safety and First Aid. Please Contact Us if you wish schedule a field trip or would like more information.
  • Special Events/Demonstrations. Along with the URI Police Department and the Ladders Public Safety Group, URI EMS engages in demonstrations throughout the year on campus and upon request in various areas. An example of this is the use of Fatal Vision goggles, which allow an individual to see "through the eyes" of an intoxicated person while performing tasks such as walking a straight line or riding a tricycle.
  • URI EMS provides medical services free of charge to many special charity events throughout the year as resources are available. For more information, see Special Events Details.

If you are interested in a community involvement opportunity at URI EMS or would like to propose a project. please Contact Us.

What to do in an Emergency!

  • DO NOT MOVE THE PATIENT unless the area is not safe (fire, etc)
  • Dial 401-874-2121 from your cell phone or 4-2121 from a university phone
  • Tell the dispatcher your name, location and a telephone number you can be reached at. Be as precise as possible.
  • Describe to the best of your knowledge what happened & how.
  • Do not hang up until the dispatcher hangs up first.
  • Clear the area of people who are not relatives or witnesses.
  • Have someone await the arrival of the ambulance at the
    entrance to guide the ambulance crew in.
  • Ensure that all access paths are clear for the ambulance crew.