Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

15 November 2007

URI EMS has launched the first major overhaul of its website since its initial implementation in 2003. The new website gives users access to a wealth of information about URI EMS.

The website has information about the department's services offered, what to do in an emergency, what courses or programs are available to the public and how the organization operates.

As it is still being updated, the site will soon have more dynamic content, include live calendars for meetings, trainings, special events details and more.

The website, at utilizes the new University-wide standardized template.


For more information, contact:

Shad Ahmed, Chief
Telephone: 401-874-5255
Fax: 401-874-4871

URI News Bureau
Telephone: 401-874-2116
Fax: 401-874-7872