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Research Vessel Endeavor
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The 185-foot Research Vessel Endeavor, based in Rhode Island, has been operated by the University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO) for thirty years. Scientists from Rhode Island, the greater US, and abroad, train graduate students and conduct government-sponsored research aboard this vessel that is owned by the US National Science Foundation. Expeditions have been conducted in nearby Rhode Island waters and in distant locations such as near the Easter and the Galapagos Islands of the South Pacific Ocean, and in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

Rhode Island has a long tradition of valuing the sea, an integral part of our economy and culture. The identity of Ocean State citizens is tied to fishing, marine research, ocean recreation, and marine technology development and manufacturing. The Rhode Island Endeavor Program is a state-supported initiative at GSO that provides Rhode Islanders with direct access to R/V Endeavor's scientific research and educational capabilities. This support underscores Rhode Island's commitment to maintaining a strong program in marine research and education, and to providing new opportunities for Rhode Island industry, scientists, graduate students, teachers, and k-12 classrooms. R/V Endeavor spends an average of 240 days per year at sea and serves as Rhode Island's ocean-going ambassador in domestic and international ports of call.