Thera Expedition Log: 6/06/06

The weather has finally settled down and R/V Endeavor was able to operate outside of the Thera caldera. We moved back to Kolumbo volcano to explore a series of submarine volcanic cones to the northeast of the main crater. The camera sled Argus was used to document the nature of these structures and
search for evidence of recent activity. It appears that the cones are older than Kolumbo based on the amount of sediment that was covering the volcanic rocks. We also went back down into the main crater of Kolumbo to continue to
map out the large hydrothermal vent field that was found in the northern area.

Yesterday we had another visit by members of the Boys and Girls Club (see photo). They had spent the morning walking over lava flows on the Kameni islands and taking a quick dip in the geothermal hot springs. In the afternoon they helped with a special VIP telecast to the university of Rhode Island that was attended by Rhode Island Govenor Carcieri, Senator Reed and URI President Carothers.

Figure caption: Members of the Boys and Girls Club relaxing in the ship’s lounge aboard R/V Endeavor.