Thera Expedition Log: 6/07/06

Today was a day of spectacular discoveries. Just when we thought we had the hydrothermal vents of Kolumbo volcano mapped out, they turned out to cover a larger area than we expected. And the best was yet to come. We found very large chimneys that were discharging gas and fluid (see figure). Some of the fluids were up to 220 degrees centigrade. The chimneys were up to several meters high and consist of brightly colored bacteria and
hydrothermal deposits. Many exhibited exotic forms much like castles and spires.

Our plan is to shoot the Immersion Presents broadcast from the new field of vents and then to move to southeast part of Thera. At this location we will be examining the unusual submarine topography associated with the
“ step”. We believe that the steps may represent part of the submarine pyroclastic flows that have moved downslope producing something like a
wrinkled blanket.

Figure captions:
View of a large hydrothermal vent discharging gas and fluids at Kolumbo volcano, NE of Thera.