Thera Expedition Log: 6/08/06

Well, the Thera expedition is winding down and the scientists are busy collecting all of their data and belongings. We spent the day in the caldera
because the weather was a bit windy outside. With Hercules back in action we took the opportunity to do some sampling in areas that we had previously mapped out only with Argus. In particular we sampled the vents in the
northern caldera and found them to be made up almost entirely of flocculent bacteria that was extremely soft. The temperatures in these vents were quite low (~20 degrees C) compared to the high temperature vents of Kolumbo.
In the afternoon we continued our survey in the southern part of the caldera. There is less geothermal activity in this region than in the north. Tonight will be the last show of the Immersion Broadcast and we hope to fill
in our last survey in the steps area to the southeast of Thera.

Figure captions:
Hercules sampling a rock from the Thera caldera