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Granting e-Campus Student Account Access to a Parent and/or Third Party

Students have the ability to grant e-Campus access to parents and/or other designees to view their Student Billing, Student Records, and/or Financial Aid information.  (Please note that there are separate instructions for e-Bill access.  Just click on the dark blue e-Bill postcard image to the right to learn more!)

As a student and owner of your student information, you have the ability to assign access to people of interest to view your student information.

Who is a designee? A designee could be your mother, father, grand parent, sibling, employer or third party payer who asks for certain student information.

To grant access, log on to e-Campus with your user ID and password. On your main menu, there is a link to URI Student Services. Click on that link and then click on: Grant Access to your Info.

The following three steps will be used to create a userid for your designee:

  • User Name: (ex: FirstName_LastName)
  • Password : (must be alpha numeric)
  • Email address (theirs not yours)

You will then decide which information will be made available, by clicking Y or N for Student Financials (Billing), Student Records, and/or Financial Aid. Once these steps are complete, click SAVE. You must notify the designee of the password that you set up for them. The person will receive an e-mail informing them they can log on to e-Campus the next business day to view the information you have made accessible to them.

Please Note:  You can add as many designees as you wish. You also have the option of deleting them by clicking on the minus sign.


Attention: Please update your URIEmergencyALERT information here.

Attention:  Please be sure your completed FAFSA includes the University of Rhode Island Federal School Code 003414.

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