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Find the starting day/time of your class within the cells below to determine your scheduled exam time. Note: “+” indicates course meets two days/week.




  – 11:00AM


  – 2:30PM

3:00PM - 6:00PM


EXAM DATE (below)





Tues. Dec. 15

T 9:00am

T+Th 9:00am

T 9:30am

T 10:00am

T 11:00am

T 12:00pm

T 12:15pm

T 1:00pm

T+Th 1:00pm

T 2:30 pm

T 3:00 pm

T 4:00 pm on

Weds. Dec 16

W 9:00am

M+W 9:00am

W 10:00am

W 12:00pm

W 12:15pm

W 1:00pm

W 2 pm

W 3 pm

W 4:00 pm on

Thurs. Dec 17

Th 9:00am

Th 10am

T+Th 10:30am

T+Th 11:00am

Th 12:00pm

Th 12:15pm

Th 1:00pm

T+Th 1:00pm

Th 3:00 pm

T+Th 3:30 pm

Th 4:00 pm on

T+Th 4:00 pm on

Fri. Dec 18




All Friday classes

Sat. Dec 19




All Saturday classes

Mon. Dec 21

M 8:00am

M 9:00am

M 10:00am

M+W 10:30am

M 12:00pm

M+W 12:00pm

M 12:00pm

M+W 1:00pm

M 3:00pm

M 4:00pm on

M+W 4:00pm on

Tues. Dec. 22

Common Exams (Kingston courses) / Last date to give Online Exams

Wed. Dec. 23 Final Examination Make-up Day (in case of snow emergency or conflict only)
NOTE: The final exam schedule for the Fall 2015 semester is shown here. If your course time does not appear please contact Associate Dean Kat Quina, Academic Programs,, 401-277-5160. Monday, December 14 has been designated as a reading day for the University. No classes can be conducted on this date. Final examinations for the Providence campus are scheduled for Tuesday, December 15 through Monday, December 21, with common exams (Kingston) on Tuesday, December 22. Online exams take place as assigned, but no later than Tuesday, December 22.
Final grades are due in e-campus by noon, Monday December 28.

Your final exams should be administered according to the above schedule in your regular classrooms, unless a change has been requested through the department chair and scheduled by the Associate Dean, Kathryn Quina.

If your class meets on the Kingston campus, please adhere to the Kingston campus final exam schedule If there is a conflict with a Providence campus final exam, please contact your instructor to arrange a make-up exam on the scheduled make-up day.

If your scheduled class meeting time is not listed in the matrix, please contact Associate Dean Kathryn
Quina at 401-277-5160 to verify the correct examination date and time slot.

The University policy regarding participation in athletic events during the final exam period is as follows:

(8.51.30) Final Examinations and Athletic Events. Intercollegiate athletic contests at the University of Rhode Island shall not be scheduled so as to require travel or competition during either the final exam period, on designated reading days, or on Sunday of the intra-exam weekend. Games may be scheduled on Saturday of an intra-exam period weekend provided it is not a designated exam day and that all off- campus travel, if necessary, is limited to that day. Compulsory practice sessions shall not be scheduled on designated reading days, final exam days, or Sunday of the intra-exam period weekend.

(8.51.31) No waiver shall be required for participation in conference-scheduled competitions, conference championships, and NCAA championships; however, the Athletics Advisory Board must be notified in advance on a timely basis when such participation, or associated off-campus travel, is scheduled to occur during the final exam period, on designated reading days, or on Sunday of the intra-exam period weekend. Issues regarding special tournaments and other major athletic competitions not controlled through University scheduling that occur, or require associated off-campus travel, during the final exam period, on designated reading days, or on Sunday of the intra-exam period weekend shall be forwarded
to the Athletics Advisory Board for their recommendation to waive the above policy and permit participation. The board's recommendation shall be forwarded to the University President for final action.