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Orientation FAQ

Do I have to file a FAFSA every year? And what is the Data Retrieval tool?

Yes! You must file a FAFSA ( each year after January 1 for the upcoming       academic year. Students and parents who have completed their 2014 IRS tax return may be able to use the IRS Data Retrieval tool within the FAFSA to securely transfer their tax information into their FAFSA on the Web application. We strongly recommend that parents and students select this option during the initial filing or when subsequent corrections are made to a 2015-16 FAFSA application. This option will streamline and expedite the processing of your financial aid application.

How can I see my student's financial aid package?

Students can log into eCampus and view their financial aid information at:

Students can also grant parent access to their financial aid information, as well as their billing and records information, by following the instructions at:

I see the student Direct loan offer on the financial aid letter. What are the next steps to apply for the student loan?

Application instructions for student Direct loans can be found at:

What is a To Do list and how can I see it?

This list indicates any outstanding items that a student may need to complete. The student To Do list can be accessed through a student's eCampus account.

What are the interest rates for Federal Direct Loans?

The fixed interest rates for Direct loans for 2015-16 are: Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans 4.29% and Parent PLUS loans 6.84%. These rates are set by the federal government each year.

How do I apply for the Parent PLUS loan?

Application instructions for parent PLUS loans can be found at:

Can I defer payments on the Parent PLUS loan?

Yes! You may defer repayment on the Parent PLUS loan. You may select the deferred repayment option at: when you fill out your application.

What is an alternative loan and how can I get one?

Alternative loans are private loans offered by lending institutions. They are not part of the federal government's Direct Loan program. These loans are in the student's name and often require a cosigner. The University of Rhode Island does not recommend any particular alternative loan lender. We encourage parents and students to "shop around" to find the best interest rates and terms for these loans.

I have a change in income for the upcoming year. What do I do?

If your family has had a change in circumstances and you feel that your family's 2014 income information used to file the FAFSA is not accurately reflective of your present financial circumstances, you may fill out the Dependent Student Special Circumstances Appeal form for 2015-16 at:

How do I access my student's bill? When is it due and how do I pay?

Electronic billing (e-Bills) is the official billing method for tuition and fee invoices at the University of Rhode Island. Students can access their e-Bill portal, and view/pay their e-Bills online via e-Campus. Students can also invite other payers, such as a parent, to access their e-Bill portal and view/pay their e-Bills. When a term bill is ready for viewing, the student and all invited payers will receive an email notification which directs them to log in and open the e-Bill. Paper invoices will not be mailed, however, invoices can be printed from the e-Bill portal. Electronic payments are encouraged, but a payment coupon can be printed from the e-Bill portal for those who prefer to pay by mailing a check.
For more information, and to invite parent access, please visit:


What is Higher One? What is the URI Refund Card?

URI has partnered with Higher One, a financial services company, to distribute student refunds. All registered students will receive an enrollment packet in the mail which contains a URI Refund Debit Card. By logging into with their unique personal code, students can select their preferred method for receiving refunds. There are 3 options: activation of the debit card, direct deposit to any bank account, or paper check. You may find out more at:

Does URI offer a payment plan?

For families wishing to budget their annual term bill expenses into monthly installments, the University offers the URI Tuition Payment Plan administered by Higher One. To find out more information, including how to sign up, please visit:


Does my student need to keep the school health insurance if they are covered under my plan?

If your student is already covered by your health insurance plan, you may file a health insurance waiver to have the charge removed from your bill.  Instructions can be found at:

What is Regional tuition and who is eligible?

The New England Board of Higher Education Regional Student Program offers

discounted tuition to New England Residents for a select group of majors. In most cases, the regional tuition covers all four years of the program. For some majors, however, the regional tuition does not take effect until later in the program. You may find more information at:


Attention: Please update your URIEmergencyALERT information here.

Attention:  Please be sure your completed FAFSA includes the University of Rhode Island Federal School Code 003414.

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