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Explanation of Fees - 2013/2014


Mandatory Fees:

Student Services Fee:This fee is mandatory for all full-time students enrolled at the Kingston campus, both undergraduate and graduate. The student services fee covers the cost of the Memorial Union, transportation, and capital projects. The undergraduate fee supports funds that are distributed to the Student Senate for a wide variety of student programs and activities. The fee paid by full-time graduate students supports the above and, instead of the undergraduate Student Senate, the Graduate Student Association.

Health Services Fee: A health services fee of $246 per semester is mandatory for all full-time Kingston undergraduate and graduate students, and optional for matriculating students at the Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Continuing Education. All international students are assessed this fee regardless of enrollment location. Part-time, matriculating students who choose to receive their health care at URI Health Services can be assessed this fee upon request, as well as the student accident/sickness insurance fee (which may be waived with proof of comparable coverage). The health fee covers the cost of the following:

  • routine office visits with URI staff providers (the full cost of visits if insurance does not cover the cost and/or co-pay expenses in situations where insurance covers a portion)
  • ambulance/emergency transport services (by URI EMS),
  • pharmacy (most over-the-counter medicines, small co-pay for prescriptions for acute care, medications for chronic conditions at 50 percent of cost)
  • administrative services provided at Health Services
  • health education.

Accident/Sickness Insurance: It is URI policy that full-time Kingston students as well as all international students and their dependents have current health insurance to provide coverage for unexpected, extended, and expensive care resulting from accidents and illnesses that are not covered by the Student Health Services fee. All full-time Kingston students and all international students and their dependents are required to purchase school health insurance unless evidence of comparable coverage in another plan is provided to the University through a completed waiver form. Waivers are done on line at Questions should be referred to the Health Services Insurance Office at 401.874.4755.

To waive the Accident/Sickness Insurance, a student must complete and electronically submit the waiver to Health Services each year, prior to the end of the add period (the first two weeks of classes). Unless the waiver is received and accepted, the student is responsible for the billed amount. The Accident/Sickness Insurance is optional for non-international part-time matriculating students and ASFCCE matriculating students. Students who elect insurance coverage through the University are also required to pay the Health Services fee each semester that they are registered students, regardless of the number of credits they are carrying.

Technology Fee: This fee is mandatory for all students, both undergraduate and graduate, at the Kingston and Providence campuses. The technology fee covers the cost of various University technology expenses. The fee is $41 per semester for full-time students and $3 per credit for part time students.

Other Fees:

Transcript Fee: A transcript fee of $40 will be assessed to all students in their first semester of enrollment at the University.

Document Fee: All newly matriculated students will be charged a one-time fee of $90 fee for graduation documents.

Credit Overload Fee: A credit overload fee will be charged to all matriculated undergraduate students who register and/or enroll in excess of 19 credits. This fee is equivalent to the per-credit rate given for part-time undergraduate students. Matriculated graduate students who register and/or enroll in excess of 15 credits will be billed at the per-credit rate given for graduate students. Students with combined enrollment at both the Kingston and ASFCCE campuses will also be assessed the credit overload fee if enrollment exceeds the credit limits stated above.

Course Fee: A course fee may be charged for certain undergraduate and graduate courses. The fee is $25 for a Tier I course, $55 for a Tier II course, and $75 for a Tier III course. Please check the class notes to determine which fee applies. Undergraduate engineering students pay a program fee of $451 per semester for full-time students, $38 per credit for part-time students. Undergraduate pharmaceutical sciences students pay a program fee of $1,325 per semester commencing in their third year. Pharm D students pay a program fee of $3,250 per semester commencing in their third year. Graduate physical therapy students pay a program fee of $1,800 per semester.

Music Fee: Students taking applied music courses, except for composition, are charged an additional fee of $109 for a one-credit course (half hour of a private lesson per week) and $207 for courses offering two, three, four, or six credits (one hour of a private lesson per week). Applied music courses for which students are charged an additional fee are MUS 110, 210, 310, 410, and 510.

Communications Fee: A communications fee of $128 per semester is assessed to students who reside in one of the University's residence halls, suites, or apartments.