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Electronic Billing (e-Bill) Information

Enrollment Services is excited to announce that effective February 2014, electronic billing      (e-Bill) is the official billing method for tuition and fee invoices at the University of Rhode Island!

Students can access their e-Bill Portal, and view/pay their e-Bills online via e-Campus. Students can also invite other payers, such as a parent, to access their e-Bill Portal and view/pay their e-Bills. When a term bill is ready for viewing, the student and all invited payers will receive an email notification which directs them to log in and open the e-Bill.  Paper invoices will not be mailed, however; invoices can be printed from the e-Bill Portal. Electronic payments are encouraged, but a payment coupon can be printed from the e-Bill Portal for those who prefer to pay by mailing a check.


Accessing the e-Bill portal is easy!

If you are a student:

  • Log Into eCampus
  • Click URI Student Financial
  • Click My e-Bill and Submit

Once you are in your e-Bill Portal, you can invite your parent, or another payer, to access your e-Bills. Click the My Profile tab at the top of the page. In the Other Payer Access box, click the Invite Other Payer button. You will be prompted for the name of the person you are inviting and their email address. Be sure that both the term bill and tuition payment plan boxes are checked, and then click the Invite button. An email will be sent to your Invitee that will provide a web link to the e-Bill Portal login page and an Activation ID. This will allow your Invitee to sign up as a New User and complete the enrollment process.

If you are an invited parent or other payer:

Use the following link to access the login page.  You may want to save this as a favorite.

If you are a New User:

  • Click the Sign Up! Button

  • Accept the Terms and Conditions

  • Enter the Activation ID contained in the email sent to you by your student

  • Enter your Student's ID Number

  • Click Next to create your User ID and Password and complete the enrollment process

If you are an Existing User:

  • Click the link above to access the Login Page
  • Enter your User Name and Password

  • Click the Login Button


Attention: Please update your URIEmergencyALERT information here.

Attention:  Please be sure your completed FAFSA includes the University of Rhode Island Federal School Code 003414.

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