ORIGINATOR: Vice Provost for Information Services

DATE: November, 2002

POLICY #02-1


This document outlines the World Wide Web Policy for the University of Rhode Island, which is found at

PURPOSE: To inform members of the university faculty, students and staff of the policies for creating and maintaining World Wide Web pages at the University of Rhode Island.


Goals and Missions of University Web and Web Advisory Committee

Procedures for Amending the Web Policy

Section One: Policies Relating to Web Page Content

1.1 Rights and Responsibilities

1.2 Use of Copyrighted or Licensed Material

1.3 Commercial Use of Web Pages

1.4 Content

1.4.1 Reliability of Content

1.6 Sponsorship, Links to External Sites

1.7 Enforcement

Section Two: Policies Relating to Official Web Pages

2.1 Official Web pages

2.2 Responsibility

2.3 Compliance with Policies

2.4 Copyright statement

2.5 Location

Section Three: Policies Relating to Research, Instruction and Student Organizations Web Pages

3.1 Web pages relating to research and instruction

3.2 Responsibility

3.3 Compliance with Policies

3.4 Use of Copyrighted Material

3.4.1 Copyright for Material Developed at the University of Rhode Island

3.4.2 Use of Material Copyrighted by Others

3.4.3 "Fair Use" of Copyrighted Material

3.5 Location

3.6 Design Section Four: Policies Relating to Personal Web Pages

Section Four: Policies Relating to Personal Web Pages

4.1 Personal Web Pages

4.2 Responsibilities

4.4 Disclaimer for Personal Web Pages

4.5 Location

4.6 Access to Personal Web Pages

4.7 Design

4.8 Departure from the University