ORIGINATOR(S):   Vice President for Administration and Faculty Senate

DATE:   revised September 2007

POLICY #80-1     


This policy is to create a uniform procedure for the formulation of administrative policies. The procedure ensures (1) wide consultation prior to the adoption of policies; (2) a reasonably rapid approval process; and (3) a quick determination whether or not the approval process is to involve the Faculty Senate.  It is not the intent to include internal departmental procedures under this statement, but only those having a significant impact on more than one department.

Policies or procedures required to comply with Federal or State law and regulations, regulations of the Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education or nationally accepted business practices, such as the rules of the General Accounting Standards Board, are not subject to review under this policy.


All Vice Presidents and division and department heads issuing University administrative policies to faculty or staff relevant to the administration of their area of responsibility.


1. The department proposing the administrative policy shall prepare a draft policy statement, present the draft to appropriate individuals and groups for feedback, revise drafts as required and/or appropriate, and prepare a final document for approval. After a policy has been approved, the department that has proposed the policy shall also be responsible for revising/updating it as appropriate.

2. The President and the President's staff and, where applicable, the Faculty Senate and the Board of Governors shall be responsible for the final approval of policies proposed under this set of rules.


Administrative policies are a written reflection of the University's principles and accepted practices. Policy statements are to provide rules to managers and supervisors in the day-to-day management of their units.

Policies also are to provide to staff members a reliable and easily accessible source of information about procedures.

The development and approval of new policies as well as the revision of existing policies requires a procedure ensuring consultation of all relevant parties as well as a standard mechanism for approval and revision of such policies.


After a policy has been drafted by the unit wishing to establish it, the Vice President in whose unit the policy originates shall provide an electronic version of the policy draft to the Faculty Senate Office, with a Signature Form as the cover sheet. The draft, clearly marked as such, shall be posted on the Policies Page of the University Manual web site, and the Vice President shall be responsible for ensuring that the University community--faculty, administrators, staff, and student leaders--are informed electronically that the policy draft is available for review. The notification shall contain an electronic link to the policy draft, invite comments, provide an address to which comments are to be sent, and specify a deadline by which the comments are to be submitted. Ordinarily, that deadline shall be ten business days after the posting of the draft has been announced. During the posting period, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee shall determine whether or not some or all or the provisions of the policy proposed fall under Faculty Senate jurisdiction as defined by Article II of the Faculty Senate Constitution.

If the Faculty Senate Executive Committee determines that the policy does not fall under Faculty Senate jurisdiction, the Vice President responsible for the policy shall be sent the Signature Form informing him/her of this determination. The Committee may also forward its suggestions for modifications of the policy. Following the posting period, the proposer may reconsider the policy draft in light of all suggestions received during the posting period. Modifications may be made if deemed appropriate. Subsequently, the Vice President of the division in which the policy originates shall transmit the proposed policy with the Signature Form to the President. It shall become effective upon the signed approval of the President or the President's designee, except if Board of Governors' approval also is required.

If the Faculty Senate Executive Committee determines that the policy does fall under Faculty Senate jurisdiction, the Vice President responsible for the policy shall be sent the Signature Form informing him/her of this determination. The policy shall become effective upon the signed approval of the Faculty Senate and the President, except if the matter addressed in the policy concerns items requiring approval by the Board of Governors, in which case the policy shall become effective as soon as the Board of Governors approves it.

Approved policies shall be posted on the Policies Page of the University Manual web site. Department web sites should include a link to this central location instead of posting individual policies to avoid the spread of outdated information. Copies of all policies shall be maintained in the University Archives in the Library. The printed copy of the University Manual shall contain a Table of Contents of the Policies Page, to be updated whenever new University Manual editions are published. The Table of Contents included in the University Manual shall also provide information on how to access the full text of the policies.


Each policy statement should include at least the following five considerations:

1. Purpose: The reason why the policy is necessary should be included and should clearly explain the intent of the policy statement.

2. Applicable to: While some policies apply to all members of the university community, others may not. It is, therefore, important to define those employees, students and other individuals to whom the policy specifically applies.

3. Responsibility: Those who have primary responsibility for administration of the policy will be indicated by title (individual names should not be included).

4. Policy: Policies should have as many separate headings as necessary to clearly present a complete description, including any procedural matters.

5. Forms: Attach any forms that are necessary for the implementation of the policy.




Title of Policy _______________________________________

1. Vice President _______________________________________ Date______

2. This does/does not require action by the Faculty Senate.

Faculty Senate Executive Committee _________________________Date_________

3. Faculty Senate (if applicable) ____________________________Date_________

4. President ___________________________________________Date_________