ORIGINATORS: Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs, Business and Finance and

Student Affairs

DATE: July, 1986 (revised)

POLICY #82-10


The following policies and procedures apply to the exchange agreements between the University of Rhode Island and several universities in other countries. The term "international exchange student" refers to an international student studying at URI for a limited period of time as part of an official exchange program. "URI exchange student" refers to a matriculated URI student who is participating in an official exchange program. Currently, this policy covers exchange agreements between URI and the University of Orleans (France), the University of Hohenheim (Germany), Oxford Polytechnic and the University of East Anglia (England), and several colleges under the New England/Quebec arrangement (Canada). It is intended that this policy would guide additional international exchange agreements which may be negotiated in the future.

Study Abroad programs in which students are not exchanged and/or the student pays the host college tuition and fees are not covered by this policy. Agreements with Seinan Gakuin (Japan) and the University of Connecticut (Spain and France) are not included.


Selection of URI students to participate in international exchange programs shall be the responsibility of the Study Abroad Advisor in consultation with faculty and department chairs, when relevant. Selection will be based on the following criteria:

-QPA (minimum of 2.5)

-Language proficiency when applicable (3.0 in language courses)

-Recommendation of advisor, dean, and/or faculty


-Written statement of plans and goals for the period of exchange

Selection of the international exchange students shall be the responsibility of the exchange official(s) at the home institutions.

The typical deadline for acceptance as a URI exchange student is March 15 for the fall semester and October 15 for the spring. (Few exchanges, if any, will be made for the spring semester only.) February 1 is the New England/Quebec Exchange deadline. For administrative purposes, for academic advisement and for coordination with the Study Abroad Office all international exchange students will be assigned to University College as their administrative unit.

The Study Abroad Office and the Undergraduate Admissions Office will work together in the assignment of an ID number for international exchange students. A copy of page 1 of the international student application will be sent to the Coordinator for International Student Services for the issuance of I-20 or J-20 forms.

Under the terms of the exchange agreements, international exchange students attend the University for a limited period of time, either one semester or two semesters. If they wish to extend their study beyond two semesters, they must follow normal admissions procedures and apply as visiting students or as degree-seeking transfer students.


Tuition, Registration, Health Union and Activity Fees. URI exchange students must pay a one-time Student Exchange Program charge after they have been placed in an exchange institution. URI Exchange students do not pay the Off-Campus Study Fee while on exchange. The URI exchange student will pay the University the normal in-state or out-of-state, or regional fee as appropriate. The URI exchange student will also pay the registration, health, union, and activity fees. The international exchange student will attend the University without paying these standard fees. International exchange students will be required to pay non-standard fees such as the music fee or the late registration fee when such fees are incurred. The Study Abroad Advisor will check with the Bursar to insure that any URI exchange student is not in debt to the University.

International exchange students (except Hohenheim) will be required to participate in URI's health insurance plan and pay its cost. International exchange students who are on a one-semester exchange will pay for only one semester.

URI exchange students will be required either to participate in URI's health insurance plan for the period during which they will be traveling and/or studying abroad or to sign a statement in the Bursar's Office attesting to adequate coverage through some other plan for the period of travel and study abroad.

On-campus housing will be furnished to international exchange students. The URI exchange student will pay the University the double-room rate for the better residence halls. As soon as possible (usually not later than May 1) the Study Abroad Office will notify the Office of Residential Life of the number of spaces to be reserved. Linens will be loaned to international exchange students by the Office of Residential Life.

Dining hall meals will be provided for the international exchange student. By the terms of the various specific agreements, the appropriate meal plan is paid for by the URI exchange student. The Study Abroad Office will notify the Bursar and the Office of Residential Life as to the appropriate meal plan.


International exchange students shall be allowed to pre-register. Pre-registration forms for the international exchange students for the fall semester must be submitted to the Registrar's Office on or before July 1. Pre-registration forms for the spring semester must be submitted during the normal pre-registration period.

Pre-registration forms will be completed and signed by the Study Abroad Advisor.

The Study Abroad Advisor will assume the responsibility of notifying the relevant department chairs of the arrival of international exchange students and of resolving any scheduling problems with them.

The Study Abroad Office handles the prior approval forms for off-campus study for URI exchange students. All URI exchange students must file a prior approval form and a release form through the Study Abroad Office before departure from the USA.


International Student Services. International exchange students will be asked to register at the International Student House, to participate in its programs, and to benefit from its services.

Orientation. A reception and orientation program will be developed by the Study Abroad Office for International exchange students at no cost to the student. Because of the terms of our agreements and the program's cost it is not required that international exchange students participate in the International Student Orientation Program.


As soon as information is available (but no later than July 1) the Study Abroad Advisor will provide the names of all URI and international exchange students and other pertinent information to the following offices: Bursar, Registrar, Residential Life, Dining Services, Health Services, International Student Services.



























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