ORIGINATOR: Human Resource Administration

DATE: August, 1999 (revised)

POLICY #83-16



To establish a procedures to effect layoffs in accordance with provisions of the State Personnel Rules and union contracts applicable to classified employees.



a. Layoffs are effected in accordance with the principle of seniority within classes of positions and civil service status in the following order:

1. Temporary Status

2. Provisional Status

3. Probationary Status

4. Permanent and Statutory Status


b. Recall is effected in the reverse order.


c. Four weeks notice of layoffs must be given to the employee so affected.

NOTICE: As soon as a decision to layoff is made by a department director, and approved by the appropriate vice president, the Director of Labor Relations must be informed in sufficient time to develop seniority lists, effect necessary transfers and to enable the notification of affected employees on time.