ORIGINATOR: Human Resource Administration

DATE: December, 1997 (revised)

POLICY #83-19



To establish a procedure at the University of Rhode Island which affirms that women and men are to be treated by all (administrators, faculty, staff, and students) with respect and dignity. Any form of sexual harassment contradicts this policy.


Sexual harassment is defined as any unsolicited non-reciprocal behavior which asserts a person's sex role over his/her function as an employee, student, or peer. It includes any unwanted sexual behavior, comments, suggestions, or physical contact imposed upon an individual or a group by any other(s).


1.In addition to violating the University's policy of conduct, sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination and is prohibited by Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act as amended and Title IX of the 1972 Amendments to the Higher Education Act.

2.The University will take prompt action to correct instances of sexual harassment.

3.The incident shall be reported within 10 days of the occurrence to the Director of Personnel Services or the Director of Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and Diversity who shall take prompt action in investigating and rendering a decision within 30 days.

4. If formal charges are brought against an employee, the complaint must be reduced to writing and signed by the complainant.