ORIGINATOR: Legal Counsel

DATE: February, 1984

POLICY #84-1



All University employees and students.


All members of the University community using audio-visual equipment and/or staff.


I. No duplicates of any copyrighted film, transparency, videotape or audiotape shall be made without the express written permission of the copyright holder or other person authorized to give permission.

II. The University will assist faculty members and students in legally obtaining the desired materials or in securing permission to copy them.

III. The audio-visual centers will record off-air and make available to the University community only those programs for which permission to copy has been obtained by law or otherwise. Under the existing copyright law, these routinely include:

1. Programs dealing with news.

2. Programs which are demonstrably otherwise not available for purchase or rental.

3. Non-dramatic musical works and pictorial, graphic and sculptural works shown on public television.

4. Programs or portions of programs the use of which qualify for "Fair Use" classification under the copyright law.

5. Absent extraordinary circumstances the University will follow the "Guidelines for off-air recording of broadcast programming for educational purposes" developed by The Ad-Hoc Committee on Copyright Law. A copy of the guidelines is available from the L.R./A.V. Center.

IV. The University will assist faculty and staff members in securing permission, when necessary, to record and use the desired materials.

V. No audio or videotaping of any live lecture, presentation, or performance of whatever kind will be made without the express permission of the producer and/or performer. This prohibition does not include the taping of events for the purpose of newsgathering.

VI. No University audio-visual equipment may be used in contravention of the above policy.

VII. Questions or problems should be addressed to the Director of the Audio-visual Center or the General Counsel.