ORIGINATOR: Board of Governors for Higher Education

DATE: September, 1993

POLICY #93-1



To state policies and procedures with regard to protecting the rights of non-smoking individuals at the University of Rhode Island.


All workplace, recreational, and residential areas within the buildings and facilities of the University.


The Director of Safety and Risk Management will monitor the implementation and enforcement at the University and will make additional recommendations as appropriate to promote and protect the health of each University individual.


1. Effective July 1, 1993 there shall be no smoking in all buildings and facilities, except in areas specifically designated by the President.

2. If permitted, smoking may be allowed only in specifically designated areas in which the air exchange is directly with the outside atmosphere and not with the atmosphere in any other part of the building or facility.

3. There shall be no smoking in rooms in which meetings or conferences sponsored by the Board of Governors for Higher Education or University are held.

4. All buildings and facilities will be clearly posted with "non-smoking area" signs at all entrances.

5. Through the Department of Human Resources, information on smoking cessation programs and policies will be available to all employees.

6. The prohibitions of this policy shall not apply to the use of tobacco products as part of a pre-approved, limited classroom demonstration or a pre-approved research project.

7. This policy shall be distributed to all employees and students and will be posted as required.

8. Enforcement of this policy is the responsibility of each individual member of the University community, faculty, staff, and student.

9. Unresolved complaints or problems related to the implementation or enforcement of this policy should be referred to the appropriate Building Manager or Department Head. If such complaints cannot be resolved at that level, they may be addressed to the Director of Safety and Risk Management for review and resolution.


An exception to the University of Rhode Island Non-smoking Policy shall be granted within on-campus dormitories and apartments operated by the University to allow smoking in designated living quarters within the dormitories and apartments if, and only if, (1) specific Non-smoking designation has not already been assigned to the building (e.g., Wellness Dorms), and (2) the air in the designated area is directly exchanged with the outside atmosphere and not with the atmosphere in any other part of the building or facility, and (3) that individuals sharing the designated living quarters do not object to the smoking.