University of Rhode Island Graduate Student Payroll Policies and Procedures


ORIGINATORS: Graduate School and Business and Finance

DATE: October 2003

POLICY #03-2


PURPOSE: This policy defines the conditions and procedures by which graduate students may be employed on specific University payrolls according to Federal and State regulations and related University policies. This policy combines and integrates existing practices and procedures for the purpose of facilitating the implementation of Peoplesoft.

APPLICABLE: This policy is applicable to full-time and part-time graduate students.

RESPONSIBILITY: Those individuals responsible for the administration of this policy include the Vice President for Business and Finance, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Affairs and Vice Provost for Graduate Studies, Research and Outreach.



Definition: As defined by the University Manual, a full-time graduate student is one who is registered for a minimum of nine-credit hours/semester. The only exception to this would be during the final year/semester when a student may be considered full-time if registered for 1-6-dissertation credit hours. If the student has an assistantship, then the student must be registered for a minimum of six-credit hours/semester to be considered full time, including during the final year/semester.

Payroll Eligibility

Graduate Assistant Payroll and Student Payroll

Internal Payroll

With regard to the stipend and tuition associated with employment, it is the individual graduate student's responsibility to determine the tax implications of such employment.


Definition: Graduate students registered for less than nine-credit hours per semester (unless maintaining an assistantship) as defined by the University Manual.

Payroll Eligibility


If the work being performed requires a bachelor's degree, the pay rates for graduate students on the student payroll will be at least equal to the academically appropriate hourly equivalent rate for graduate assistant levels I, II, or III (graduate hourly rates A, B or C).


Exceptions to these policies will only be considered in unusual circumstances, must be consistent with the University's Disclosure Statement and University and State policies and practices, and must receive approval from the associated Dean/Director, Vice Provost of Graduate Studies, Research and Outreach and the associated Provost/Vice President.